Shazam Introduces Free Music Player App For iOS Called ‘Shazam Player’


Update 1: This app is only available in the US App Store. For those with US iTunes Accounts, you know what to do.

Shazam, the famous mobile phone based music identification service with apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phones that let you identify the name of the song being played, has just introduced a brand new app for iOS called Shazam Player. The app, which is now available as a free download in the App Store, is a full featured music player for iOS with options like streaming lyrics, tour dates from artists, YouTube videos, artist biographies, and even the ability to buy new tracks from iTunes within the app.

As noted by 9to5Mac:

“Besides the ability to play music, Shazam Player can also identify songs similar to the original Shazam app can. From there, you can launch iTunes from within the app to preview or purchase the song. You can share music with your Facebook and Twitter friends. The ability to view tour dates and bios from your favorite artists right within the app is very cool.”

Below is the official iTunes description.

Switch to a music player with a difference – Shazam Player™ the NEW app from Shazam! Why just listen to your music when you can now see streaming lyrics, watch YouTube videos and read reviews of your favorite tracks and artists! Get to know your music with Shazam Player.

It’s your music. Shazam Player lets you do more with it.

• Bring your music to life with LyricPlay™. See streaming lyrics in time to the music – you’ll always have the words to your favorite songs with you.
• Share the soundtrack of your day on Facebook and Twitter
• Watch YouTube videos and concert clips
• Find tour dates for the bands and artists you’re into
• Manage your music – see your iTunes playlists and create new playlists on the fly
• Select your favorite tracks and hide ones you don’t want to hear
• Add to your music – buy new tracks on iTunes from within the app
• View music by artist/album/title and use the Track Tray to see all the great Shazam features available for each song
• Top tracks – a changing list of LyricPlay tracks – buy them straight from the app if you don’t already own them
• Identify new music you’re hearing by instantly launching the Shazam App

You can grab Shazam Player from the App Store for free via the following link:


  • Lee

    Am I the only one who gets the message “Your request cannot be completed” after I follow the link?

  • Yeah it’s only in the US App Store, or at least not in the Canadian App Store

  • Anonymous

    Same problem in Canada. Would be a cool app though

  • Anonymous

    Sad, I think this app is really nice! I hope it will come soon to us.

  • Anonymous

    Sad, I think this app is really nice! I hope it will come soon to us.

  • f2.8

    Fuck the US

  • ss68

    Last time I checked this blog was called iPhone in Canada. So what is the purpose of posting this entry, get me all excited, and then find out it is US only!!! Is it too much to ask for the poster to check to see if the app is available in Canada since media rights are always negotiated by country? Ridiculous!

  • You’re an aggressive aperture!

  • i45

    Soundhound has had this ‘player’ functionality for ages.

  • Disgusted

    I agree with ss68. This blog is called iPhone in Canada. It doesn’t matter if you have a US or not as most readers don’t have one. What we want to know about are things that ‘normal’ Canadians can get and use. Articles that are only about US and services shouldn’t be here. If you can’t find enough to fill the pages, then shut down the blog.

  • BillyJoe

    There are plenty of Canadian articles seen here on iPhone in Canada I haven’t seen anywhere else. Just because one article is about something that’s US-only, (which I have an account) does not mean the blog should be shut down. 

    You’re a moron. Go start your own blog. You negative Nancy.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, the fuck is wrong with people nowadays? 

  • Art

    If you would actually follow the blog you would know that our good friends at iPhone in Canada how taken the time and put together a tutorial that shows you how to create a US iTunes account. If you would take the time and click on the hyperlink in the first sentence of this post instead of bitching about it you might get further.

  • Kesch

    Just create a US iTunes account and shut it

  • DUH!

    It’s just too much trouble to create anther identity (even with no credit card) in the US store that you want to restrict what’s on this blog? Consider yourself banished, fools!