Shoppers Drug Mart for iPhone Adds Digital Optimum Card, Passbook Support [PICS]


Shoppers Drug Mart has updated their iPhone app to version 5.0 which brings the option of a digital Optimum card (their rewards points program), which can also be added to Passbook.

IMG 3080

What’s New in Version 5.1.0
Get every deal, every day, everywhere with the official Shoppers Drug Mart app and enjoy great offers – just for you!

• Digital Optimum Card
• Access, load and redeem personalized offers
• Add your Optimum Card to Passbook

Below are screenshots of the digital Optimum card and how it looks being added to Passbook:

IMG 3082 IMG 3081

The app also looks like it has been enhanced for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen resolutions.

My previous experience with our local Shoppers Drug Mart is their scanners are unable to scan smartphones (or unwilling employees) and apps such as Stocard which digitize your loyalty cards. Maybe their stores have updated their scanners? We’ll find out soon. In the meantime, let us know how this works for you in store!

Click here to download Shoppers Drug Mart for iPhone in the App Store.


  • Roy DonovN

    worked perfectly for me today Gary

  • Excellent, thanks for letting us know. Going to try it later today or this week.

  • Roy DonovN

    sounds good, 🙂 btw i was at TD and opened an unlimited checking, the guy say my watch, and he said we are looking forward to supporting apple pay, i swer those word came out of his mouth

  • Haha…no way? I am confident TD will support Apple Pay, I’m ready!

  • Roy DonovN

    AS AM I, he sounded excited, and had me excited, I cant wait!!!!!!

  • Roy DonovN

    here in Halifax

  • MGSayah

    Unless he’s the president of TD Canada Trust, I wouldn’t exactly say “we are looking forward to supporting Apple Pay” but more like “I am looking forward for the day that Apple Pay comes to TD in Canada”

  • I’ve been using the CardStar app on my iPhone for my shoppers card for quite a while. The scanners wouldn’t successfully scan it until about a year ago when they started working. Never had trouble with this method until a few months ago when some stores started refusing to scan my phone because they were told the “official” app was in the works and unofficial methods were no longer to be accepted. Seemed stupid, it’s just a freakin’ barcode. People have been asking for this for years but Shoppers dragged their feet, but when they realized there was alternatives all of a sudden they wanted to clamp down.

  • Roy DonovN

    i agree, im just stating what he said lol

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    I’ve been using Stocard on Shoppers for at least a year now. It’s worked with any kind of scanner they have, at many different locations. There’s no reason for it to not work for you. That being said, Passbook > Stocard. Great job Shoppers!

  • I think most of the time it’s the fact I don’t want to deal with stubborn employees that are insistent it won’t work, so I don’t bother, especially when I’m in a rush and points don’t matter to me at all.

  • BigBrotherFan.

    I cannot add the Optimum Rewards Program card to my Apple iPhone Wallet Application.

  • Elise

    shoppers app lately wont work, it tells me it needs to be updated but when i try to do just that it says its not available at the canadian itunes store????

  • Bob Smith

    new app