Snapseed for iOS Finally Gets Full RAW Support, New Face Tool


If you use Snapseed to edit your photos on iOS, an update released today finally brings full RAW support for Apple users, after the latter first made its way to Android users last fall.

Snapseed says when RAW files are detected, the new tool opens automatically, plus integrates seamlessly with existing tools such as Healing, Brushes, Frames, Text, HDR or Details.

Below are the details of editing RAW in Snapseed:

Editing changes can be saved non-destructively, or exported as a plain JPG in high quality. Some of the available adjustments for RAW include Structure, Tint, Shadow control, Exposure (-4.0 to 4.0 f-stops), and Temperature (1.700°K to over 8.000°K). Anyone using Snapseed 2.9 and an Apple USB SD card photo adapter or WiFi SD card can now work with RAW images.

Winter sunset making use of dynamic range 2

Image by Paul Moody – “Winter sunset making use of dynamic range”

Today’s update also debuts a brand-new Face tool, to help focus on faces, smooth out skin and make eyes clearer in images. The iOS update also adds UI improvements, plus the ability to set JPG compression rate or export images as PNG. Android users received new perspective and white balance tools, which iOS users hopefully will get sometime in the future.

Snapseed was created by Germany’s Nik Software, but was acquired by Google in the fall of 2012.

Click here to download Snapseed in the App Store—it’s free.


  • Quattro

    Snapseed is awesome and all, but why on earth would you edit RAW images on your iOS device? Ok… maybe an iPad Pro. But other than that, it doesn’t make much sense to me, when a computer would be waaayyyy more practical and purposeful.

    That is, unless the new iPhone will be shooting in RAW. Oooooooo

  • Daniel Bley

    iOS 10 will finally support shooting RAW photos, that’s why.
    It was announced months ago.

  • Quattro

    Well then… now it makes sense.