Sobeys iPhone App Officially Launches, Created by Toronto’s TWG


Nova Scotia-headquartered Sobeys, Canada’s second largest grocer, has officially announced the launch of its mobile app for iOS (and Android), which allows customers to check out local flyers, recipes and also earn rewards via Club Sobeys.

“Shopping for better food on the go has never been easier,” said Doug Brummer, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sobeys Inc. “We know Canadians want to eat better, feel better and do better, and our new mobile app gives Canadians yet another way to discover and shop for affordable better food solutions–anytime, anywhere.”

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You can check out the video demo of the app below:

The app was developed by Toronto-based The Working Group. Rob Domagala, Director of Business Development, said in a statement “We’re very excited to be working with Sobeys, and they are a great example of an established company looking to try something new in the digital space in order to gain the edge in their market. They are a team of willing innovators who are laying a solid software foundation in order to drive tangible business goals.”

The app quietly hit the App Store in mid-September and has since received five updates, with its most recent arriving five days ago. The Sobeys website has also been redesigned too by TWG.

Sobeys owns or franchises more than 1,500 stores across Canada under various brands and employs over 124,000 people. Recently, the company completed its $5.8 billion purchase of over 200 Safeway Canada stores.

Click here to download Sobeys for iPhone—it’s free.


  • CMfly

    Ugh.. I signed up for club sobeys when I saw a poster for this app in store. As I eat lunch there almost every day I figured why not. I had never been interested before as I don’t want to carry around another card or key tag.

    Hey they have an app! Perfect I always have my phone on me.. Well big let down, they app was a super PITA to get setup (well really getting my card registered online). They did not want to support me over email and wanted me to call in. I refused a number of times and finally got support over email. Why companies think a phone call is more secure is beyond me, if someone has hacked my email they probably know more than enough to call in and pretend they are me.

    Finally I have my clubsobeys online account working with my card. Now for the app. I have the loblaws PC plus app and it works fairly well though a bit slow so I thought I knew what I was getting. I like my club sobeys account with the app. Cool it shows my point total.. I go get lunch and hit up the cash, I wip out my phone and scramble through the app…. Wait? What? there is no place in the app that generates a nice bar-code to replace your card with the phone like the PC app does.. Crap!

    The next day I add the card star app to my phone and enter my club sobeys number into it to generate a bar-code so I can just carry my phone (thus never using their app anyways) I go to the store again wip out my phone at the cash…. Their scanners cannot scan a phone screen (explains why the feature is missing from the app) The cashier has to type in the very long number. I feel bad for her and the people in line behind me.

    What a waste of time..

  • Wow, sounds like the app didn’t work out for you. Good feedback for the developers though!

  • Chris

    This app is missing the most important feature – way to collect club Sobeys points!!!! And it also asks to re-join – does not use existing login info. Plus now if won’t even launch just keeps crashing since the last update nov 13 v1.6. Seriously not impressed at all. Sobeys team check out Longo’s app to see how it should be done.