Starbucks for iPhone Gets Apple Pay Reload Option in Canada [u]


While we know Starbucks locations support Apple Pay, most customers pay via the coffee maker’s iPhone app to earn rewards (who doesn’t love stars!). Early this morning, the Starbucks iPhone app was updated, to fix “some bugs with Mobile Order & Pay to help customize your order exactly how you want it.”

However, the coffee chain also quietly added Apple Pay as an option to reload your Starbucks card. This means for those without automatic reload enabled, you can now seamlessly reload cards via Apple Pay, and not have to deal with entering in security numbers and such.

IMG 1346 IMG 1347

Can’t wait for more apps to support Apple Pay for in-app payments.

Click here to download Starbucks for iPhone in the App Store.

Update: Also new is 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s users to Pay, Reload Card, Order, and find Nearby Stores.

Thanks John!


  • Crosseyedmofo

    can you pay with apple pay but still get your reward point?

  • mxmgodin

    No. Not yet. The only way to earn rewards (for now) is to make a transaction through a gift card tied to the rewards program.

    Jennifer Bailey, the head of Apple Pay, announced in October that Apple Pay would be coming to U.S. Starbucks next year (unlike Canadian Starbucks, they currently don’t support NFC payments).

    It is possible that the rewards program would be made Apple Pay-compatible at that point, or later, but no official announcement has been made on that point yet.

  • Peter

    This has actually been there since Day 1 of Apple Pay support in Canada.

  • Mr Dog

    It never worked for me though

  • Really? I thought some of you said reload via Apple Pay was unavailable within the app?

  • For me, the option was always physically there to use Apple Pay, but it never worked — after going through the process it came up with an error like “invalid card.”

    I had figured that may have simply had to do with Apple Pay not being officially available in Canada, and had meant to try it after the AMEX launch, but hadn’t gotten around to it until this morning, at which point it worked completely fine. Didn’t realize that it may have been tied to the recent app update.

  • Crosseyedmofo


  • John

    I never had the option for Apple Pay within the Starbucks app, until yesterday.

    But today when I tried to reload I got an error in the Starbucks app stating the transaction failed and to use another form of payment. Looking at my Amex it said the transaction was pending. Starbucks has no record of me trying to pay, yet Amex does. 🙁

  • Ah, okay that definitely makes sense. We have automatic reload enabled, so we rarely even dive into that menu option. A reader emailed us this morning to say the Apple Pay reload finally worked after the update.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    starbucks customer service is pretty good give em a shout

    (800) 782-7282

  • MGSayah

    Apple Pay option wasn’t there as of this past Sunday. I explicitly went in the reload options to check before filling up my Starbucks card. And it wasn’t featured in the App Store in the “Apple Pay enabled apps” category, but now it is. Not sure what our friends are saying, maybe they had a US version of the app or something…

  • Not a U.S. version per se — it’s the same app now anyway regardless of whether you download it from the U.S. or Canadian App Store — but I originally setup Apple Pay with a U.S. VISA Debit card (which is what I’m still using) so that may have confused the situation somewhat… Can’t say for sure whether I ever loaded the Starbucks app with my region set to the U.S. but I definitely had to do that to originally setup Apple Pay in the first place.

  • Heh, I tend to turn auto-reload on and off from time to time. It seems every so often Starbucks will offer you an extra $5 for turning it on and leaving it on for at least a month or so.

  • 3D Touch support too for iPhone 6s users in this update.

  • On a semi-related note, the Dominos app got Apple Pay support late yesterday afternoon as well. Tipped me off the fence about the idea of ordering a pizza for dinner, as I wanted to give it a try. Worked well, but had the driver a bit bemused — he said “Apple Pay, right” when I answered the door, but said his manager had asked to ‘see a card or something’ as per their normal procedure for credit card orders. I showed him the VISA on the iPhone Wallet screen, and he kind of laughed and said “good enough” with a shrug.

  • The app received Apple Pay support last week, but some said it didn’t work at the time. Guess it works now eh! Glad you took one for the team and enjoyed some Domino’s!

  • johnnygoodface

    yeah got the Apple Pay option when reloading a card, but not when buying a gift card.