Starbucks for iOS Gets Touch ID for Card Reloads, Gift Purchases


Starbucks for iOS has been updated to now support Touch ID for card reloads and gift purchases, instead of typing in your password. If you have a complex password, this will come as a welcome addition.

The release notes says bug fixes have been made towards the Mobile Order & Pay feature, which also has performance enhancements.

To enable Touch ID for Starbucks Card reloads and gift purchases, go to Settings within the app and toggle on Touch ID. You’ll be asked to enter your Starbucks account password to confirm it’s you, then also create a backup passcode.

IMG 1868

I have my Starbucks card set to automatically reload when the balance drops below $10, so Touch ID for card reloads doesn’t really do it for me. Adding Touch ID support for logging into the app, now that would be handy, eh?

Click here to download Starbucks for iOS in the App Store.


  • mxmgodin

    That’s a nice feature! It always bothered me having to enter my password to recharge my card… Except that since last week, I now recharge it using Apple Pay, which doesn’t require you to enter your Starbucks pasword.
    Oh, well! ¯_(?)_/¯

  • Roy DonovN

    How do u get Apple Pay to work, it says disabled on my app

  • winnertakesteve

    so, has anyone else found the new rewards program extremely confusing? i have a banner in my app that always says “you have star rewards available” but it doesn’t give any info or expiry date.

    when you click the banner it takes you to the payment barcode. when i asked the cashier to check the status of the rewards she said i didn’t have any, despite the banner

    i also have over 300 stars, which seems *more* than enough to have gotten a reward by this point…

  • mxmgodin

    I didn’t do anything special. It just works.

    Maybe your card doesn’t support in-app purchases through Apple Pay (it’s only available on credit cards for now). And CIBC/RBC/ATB launched without in-app purchase support, so if you have one of those, maybe your card needs to be removed, then re-entered to activate in-app purchases.

    If that doesn’t work, I guess you should contact your bank’s support, Apple’s or Starbucks.

  • Eric

    125 stars is a reward…make sure the girl is using the “redeem stars button” on the till. They expire 6 months from earning them.

  • tiddle

    I can see the touch id setting, but enabling it doesn’t work (ie. the app is still prompting me to input the passcode even after touch id is enabled). Bad.