‘Sticker Ting’ Lets You Use Toronto Slang via iMessage Stickers


Yo fam, there’s a new iMessage sticker pack called ‘Sticker Ting’, which lets you express yourself like a Torontonian in the 6ix (did I do that right?). The stickers are from Toronto illustrator Tabban Soleimani—here’s her description of the sticker pack:

‘Sticker Ting’ is a collection of stickers built from everyday Toronto slang. Slang is vital for language aptitude. It’s proficient, approachable, and it encapsulates a lot with so little. It’s also super hilarious because we all know that your vocal range and delivery are just as vital. You can now bring a bit of that in real life hilarity to your everyday messages.

Now, I can’t verify how authentic these really are, so for you people living in the centre of the universe, you’re going to have to help me out here. After seeing some of the phrases from the screenshots below, #icanteven.

Sticker ting Sticker ting 2

Click here to download Sticker Ting in the App Store—It’s free.

[via The Fader]


  • Riley Freeman

    absolutely authentic lol too funny


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