Stocard Launches Apple Watch App to Bring your Rewards Cards to the Wrist


Last summer Stocard officially launched their rewards card app in Canada to allow users to digitize their never-ending collection of loyalty cards. Today, the Stocard iPhone app was updated to bring support for Apple Watch, which will allow users to bring up loyalty card bar codes to the wrist:

What’s New in Version 3.20
We are very excited to support your cards on the brand new Apple Watch!

When at the store, you no longer have to take out your iPhone to use Stocard, simply open your card in the Stocard app on your Apple Watch and show the store-clerk the barcode on your wrist.

We believe that this will become a widespread way how the Apple Watch will benefit shoppers. This revolutionary piece of tech-art will bring us closer to our vision of making collecting rewards easier than ever before and creating a unique shopping experience.

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At the time of Apple Watch’s March Event, the Stocard team shortly announced it would be making an app for the smartwatch.

This will be pretty cool to try in stores, the only issue is some over aggressive clerk taking a scanner right up to your precious, precious Apple Watch Sport’s X-ion strengthened glass display (Watch and Edition users with sapphire covers need not worry). Similarly, some older bar code scanners are unable to scan off glass so your mileage may vary with Stocard.

Click here to download Stocard for iPhone in the App Store. Are you using Stocard?


  • matt

    Isn’t there passbook enabled on the apple watch? Or am I mistaken and it won’t scan?

  • Jason Reid


  • Yes it is. However, Passbook doesn’t support any loyalty card, but Stocard does.

  • matt

    Oh I understand….passbook is just limited in terms of some loyalty cards. Both passbook and stocard support Starbucks card but stocard works with best buy reward zone, whereas passbook does not. Correct?

  • Yeah, because Stocard lets you turn any loyalty card into a digital bar code. With Passbook, developers need to integrate support into their apps.
    With Stocard, you can just create a digital card out of the existing cards in your wallet.

    Starbucks and its built-in Passbook integration is way superior to Stocard.

  • matt

    OK I understand, but passbook works on the apple watch right? Like its scannable(not just a display for passbook)?

  • Yes, Passbook works on Apple Watch, so say for example, at Starbucks it’ll scan without any problems.

    But some stores have older scanners and claim they can’t scan your phone (encountered this numerous times at Shoppers).

  • matt

    Happened to me at Tim Horton’s right when the timmyme app was updated to include passbook support for gift cards. The Tim Hortons I went to was not equipped to take the digital form of the card. As time went by though, I’m sure Tim hortons have updated the hardware and software in all of their restaurants to support passbook

    I feel like this might be an issue for apple pay and could be a reason as to why apple is hesitant about releasing apple pay here in Canada. Including negotiations with banks, I feel like apple thinks that the rollout here in Canada would be slow and that businesses won’t adopt the new format of apple pay…. But I could be wrong

  • Salinger

    The “tap and pay” technology behind Apple Pay is already available and working in the vast majority of retailers in Canada. It’s the same technology you use when you tap your debit or credit card to pay, just with more security. So, I don’t think that’s an issue at all. If anything, we in Canada (both consumers and businesses) would be more ready to adopt this than in the US, where they don’t even generally have chip cards.

  • There is Passbook, but that doesn’t allow you to store all the cards you have like Stocard can. Stocard is a way of digitizing all the rewards cards and loyalty cards you have in your wallet.

  • Dayton Ireland

    It doesn’t work. I’ve tried at several stores, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, and Auto Zone and at every single one, the scanner failed to pick up the bar code on my watch, even with the brightness of the watch face turned up to maximum.


  • David Guitard

    Weird Tim Hortons coffee gift card. For Android I opened Tim Hortons app grab iPhone opened stocard app to photo scan code. I do see different number.
    — CANADA

  • David Guitard

    Weird Tim Hortons coffee gift card. For Android I opened Tim Hortons app grab iPhone opened stocard app to photo scan code. I do see different number.
    — Canada