Sweatcoin for iOS Launches in Canada: Earn Crypto for Walking; Hits #1 in the App Store


Sweatcoin for iOS recently launched in Canada earlier this month, and as of writing, currently sits atop the App Store as the number one downloaded free app.

Sweatcoin canada logo

The premise behind Sweatcoin, which also is available in the U.S. and UK, is it allows users to earn cryptocurrency by walking outdoors. With these earned ‘Sweatcoins’, users can apply them to purchase goods and services inside the app.

Sweatcoin canada

According to Sweatcoin, 1,000 outdoor steps are equivalent to 0.95 Sweatcoins. So for example, if you have 20,000 Sweatcoins, you can redeem for a free iPhone X or $1000 in PayPal cash.

Sweatcoin says their upcoming blockchain technology will be able to turn your steps into cash. According to their into video, they’re “already processing more transactions a day than freaking Bitcoin.”


Now, be aware Sweatcoin requires a tonne of your data to register. You need to provide an email address, mobile number for verification code, your Health data and always-on location data.

The company’s privacy policy says it will share your data with third party service providers, strategic partners, Sweatcoin Marketplace participants, reorganization and mergers, lawful requests and more. As for aggregated data:

For benchmarking and comparison purposes, as well for research purposes in the health and wellness field, we may collect and analyse aggregated anonymous user data generated by the Sweatcoin App and your mobile device.  Such aggregated data will be anonymous and will not identify you.  We may sell or provide this data to third parties or publish it.

In order to delete your account, you need to request it within the iOS app’s contact feature, then click on a link they send you via email.

Again, given the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and Facebook, one should be wary when giving up their activity and location data in exchange for virtual currency.

Click here to download Sweatcoin in the App Store—but be aware of what information you’re giving up for the allure of virtual cash.


  • Nick

    Nothing is free – what’s in it for them?

  • xeronine992

    This is kind of like a cryptocurrency but one you can’t *really* do anything with, AFAIK. It’s not listed on any exchanges, so you can only find others who are willing to buy or sell it. Kind of seems pointless at the moment, but we will see.

    If it gets listed on an exchange it could be interesting. If someone wants to hold on to it expecting it to be worth something, more power to them.

  • Makool

    Not worth to give up your data after everything it’s going on, exercise on your own, you should not be expecting something in return to keep a healthy life style.

  • Tim

    I realize they’ve probably thought about this, but I’ll still pose the question: What’s to stop a clever person from finding a way to fool it into thinking someone is walking around?

  • In the article it says that sweatcoin is only good for in app purchases. looking through reviews most the things you can purchase appear to be promotional samples listed at their approximated value if they were for sale with a few high end tempters set at really high points, like the iphonex. reminds me of carnival prize systems or skiball tickets. so basically, i think the real value is that it gets people walking, that is the real prize. 🙂

  • Nick

    The thing is though, normally Cryptocurrency of any kind is either bought or mined. In this case, you’re not buying it, or mining it, they’re essentially just giving it to you for free and using the walking thing to limit how much of it they give you, and to make it feel like you’ve earned it, even though walking is really doing nothing for them (except maybe giving them an excuse to be able to view your location etc). There must be something more to this that pays to the makers of the app.

  • LJ

    What exchanges you use ? Curious to know. Especially to buy n trade crypto for Canadians.