Tangerine Mobile Banking for iOS Updated with ‘Fresh’, ‘Intuitive’ Design [u]


Tangerine Mobile Banking has been updated with a “fresh” and “intuitive” design today, as the app has reached version 2.0. The app supports Touch ID and has a dedicated Apple Watch app, but today brings a new redesign for customers.

As seen from our screenshots below, on the left is the old design’s landing page; the new design is on the right:

IMG 0955 IMG 0956

The new design appears to utilize swipe gestures on your account line items to access more details, with the credit card line below showing more options for Statement, Pay Balance and More. Also, a new “+” icon front and centre brings up quick shortcut actions, such as mobile deposit, transfers, pay bills and email:

Tangerine Tangerine2

What’s New in Version 2.0

The Tangerine Mobile Banking app makes your banking experience even more convenient than ever before with a fresh and intuitive design. Manage your Accounts, review transactions, transfer funds, locate ABMs, and receive important notifications. It’s a perfect way to do banking on the go.

At the beginning of this year, Bank of Nova Scotia-owned Tangerine launched Secure Chat for customers on the web and (UPDATED: now available) it’s now available within this app, accessible via the top right hand corner (thanks Brandon).

Today, Tangerine launched its new Mobile Banking App for iOS?, a rebuild that includes innovative, first-to-market technologies like EyeVerify??s Eyeprint ID?, Nuance VocalPassword? and in-app Secure Chat. (CNW Group/Tangerine)

Update: The update also debuts two new biometric security features first implemented by a Canadian financial institution: EyeVerify and VocalPassword. EyeVerify uses Eyeprint ID technology to identify clients, plus VocalPassword is a Nuance technology that uses voice authentication as a way to access account information.

Peter Aceto, President and CEO of Tangerine said in a statement to iPhone in Canada “Learning from the feedback provided by our Clients, we have brought to Canadians years of research and the latest tested technologies and functionalities to provide a global, leading mobile banking experience that’s safe, secure and incredibly convenient”

Click here to download Tangerine for iOS in the App Store. Let us know what you think of this new design.


  • George

    Perhaps the application is outstanding – in stark contrast to the reputation of Tangerine Bank itself, with its very slow fund transfers and its mounting number of special charges which didn’t exist when the bank was operated by ING Direct. Do some research, you will find better alternatives than using Tangerine.

  • bbousquet

    What special charges? Aside from the lack of ATM’s in some areas I haven’t had any issues or special fees (I’ve been with them for years – even before they had their checking account). Also, when travelling abroad, the ScotiaBank partner network waves those annoying Plus/Cirrus fees when using specific ATM’s (i.e. Bank of America in the US, BNP/Paribas in France, etc.).

  • slicecom

    So glad Tangerine finally updated to a native app. I love that they support basically all the features I want on my phone and watch. All they need to do is add ApplePay!

  • George

    Beginning 1 Jan 2015, Tangerine began charging $45 to transfer any registered account to another financial institution. For a complete list of so-called “No Fee Banking” charges, including ATM fees see:

  • bbousquet

    Thanks for the link. I guess it doesn’t really impact me as I still have about 60 cheques left from the 70 I got from signing up to the Thrive checking account when it launched (I use email transfers most of the time). I guess it really depends on everyone’s needs and banking habits. In my case, I don’t get any transaction fees whereas I used to get screwed by Laurentian Bank for 13$/month before I switched.

  • Waiting for TD Canada Trust to bring Touch ID to their iOS app…

  • Update: The update also debuts two new biometric security features first debuted by any Canadian financial institution: EyeVerify and VocalPassword.

    Let us know how these work guys

  • artooro

    Love it! Now all they need is to support Apple Pay! 🙂

  • I agree. It’s the best banking experience on iOS. I applied and got their new credit card just because I know it will have ApplePay support right away. I can’t wait.

  • You can e-transfer for free or link another bank account to your Tangerine account and move funds for free. I move money from HSBC and TD from Tangerine all the time.

  • A really solid update!

  • George

    Rod and bbousquet: The $45 charges are for transferring registered accounts like TFSAs, RRSPs, and RIFs. I’m quite familiar with linking other bank accounts to Tangerine accounts and waiting a long time for the transfers to be finalized. I was with ING very early, and am currently with Tangerine in an insignificant way due to the changes they’ve made since they bought the bank and their very slow funds transfers – 5 days when ING would do it in 2. Electronic transfers are same day – regardless of what Tangerine would have you believe.

  • That 45$ is if you close your account with them. All institutions do that and depending on where you go from there, the receiving institution usually offers to pay that fee for you. I have been very happy with Tangerine and I would love to hear where those “better alternatives” are.