Tangerine Mobile Banking for iOS Updated with Touch ID Support

Tangerine Mobile Banking for iOS has been updated to bring Touch ID support for the Orange Snapshot feature (which shows your balances and more), along with iOS 8 compatibility.

What’s New in Version 1.7.0
Touch ID – You can enable Touch ID for use with the Orange Snapshot feature in the Tangerine Mobile Banking app.
Tangerine will then be able to use Touch ID fingerprint authentication in addition to our other Orange Snapshot security features. Itโ€™s another way we can help protect your privacy and security.

iOS 8 Compatible

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The Tangerine iOS app also supports mobile cheque deposits, a feature which launched back in 2013 when it was still ING Direct, prior to being bought out by the Bank of Nova Scotia later in the year.

Click here to download Tangerine for iOSโ€”itโ€™s free.

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  • Al

    I closed my accounts when they changed their name to Tangerine. Who wants to do business with a bank called “Tangerine”???

  • matt

    LOL al, and who would want to ever use a smartphone thats made by fruit? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Junior C

    The rest of the financial institutions will follow in about a year.

  • Al

    Electronic device ….. Bank
    Apples and oranges

  • sukisszoze

    I like Tangerine. I think they are the only one as far as I know (don’t have bank accounts with all the different banks to confirm this) that I can set up funds transfers to and from different banks at no cost.

  • matt

    OK stop it…now I’m craving a bunch of differemt fruit thanks to you

  • Al

    I’m mostly vegan… I crave fruit all day. But only the type that contains vitamin C… Not the type that stores my GIC’s.

    hmmmm… that could be a rap…. yeah…. A rap done by a guy who shouldn’t attempt to rap.

  • matt

    lol don’t worry, its hard to rap…hell its hard to rap about fruit

  • Spiridus

    I swear RBC will be the last to follow! They’re always the last!! We JUST got cheque scanning today. So, should be 2016-2020 by the time we get Touch ID access.

  • jfmartel

    Well there’s a Tomato Bank…

  • Al

    From the same country that created $49 TV’s that were sold at the local grocer.
    … under the brand “Lucky Gold”.
    (I’m really dating myself, here)

    Would I buy a TV called “Lucky Gold”. No. Would I buy one from LG? Well… I did… but never again.

    If the Tomato Bank also rebranded their name to “TB”… well, that would be unfortunate ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Al

    Although RBC was way behind in cheque scanning (which annoyed me as well), they have always led the pack with on-line banking functionality.

  • Al

    Yeah… and I’ve used that a few times in the past… but it takes like a week. I’d rather pay $1.50 for an e-mail money transfer just so that I know it’s done.

  • IS

    Just so you know, E-mail money transfers are free with Tangerine ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Al

    Yeah… kind-o’…sort-o’
    That’s a relatively new feature for them, but it still takes a few days. If you want “instant and easy”, you still have to use the Interac email transfer. Mind you, it’s only a buck!

    I’m just kidding around about my distaste for the name “Tangerine”. Yes, I don’t like the name, but I wouldn’t leave them because of that. ING was really great for GIC’s when interest rates were high. They seemed to always return a better rate than banks. But with rates being so low for several years, I saw no need to bother with them anymore. That’s the real reason I emptied out my accounts. I have a nice mutual fund with CIBC that just pays and pays and pays.

  • speedracer99

    Spiridus says: “We JUST got cheque scanning today” Really? I do not see an RBC Mobile app update?

  • sukisszoze

    I meant to say transfers between Tangerine and your own bank account, not e-transfer. Banks usually just let you transfer money between accounts within the same bank.