TD Canada for iOS Updated: Apple Pay for TD Visa, Access Card “Soon”


BMO, Scotiabank and TD are the last three big Canadian banks to support Apple Pay, as their timeline to launch isn’t until “mid-June”. BMO updated their app yesterday to note support for Apple Pay was coming soon, while Scotiabank did the same today.

Now, TD has completed the trifecta, updating their iOS app as well. The update notes “soon you’ll be able to add your personal TD Access Card or TD Visa Credit Cards to Apple Pay.”

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The update also brings much anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen support (ABOUT TIME TD), while also real-time notifications of transactions thanks to further integration with the TD MySpend iOS app, which we first told you about. Also new are real-time investment account holdings and balances.

What’s New in Version 7.6.1
• Stay on top of your investments with real-time investment account holdings and balances.
• The app is now optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+.
• Soon you’ll be able to add your personal TD Access Card or TD Visa* Credit Cards to Apple Pay.
• Now compatible with the new TD MySpend app so that you can keep track of your spending with real-time notifications on your smartphone.

Previously, we told you TD employees have already started to be briefed on Apple Pay and helping customers setup the mobile wallet.

We know June is the month of the launch for these three banks–let’s hope we see something as soon as early next week (many believe it’ll be another Tuesday launch), or at least prior to the WWDC keynote, so Apple can tell everyone on stage about their recent Apple Pay rollouts (like expansion in Singapore this week too).

Click here to download TD Canada for iPhone in the App Store.

Thanks everyone!


  • Many99

    Strange how they didn’t add touchID

  • Nathan Walker

    I was thinking the same thing… seriously TD… touchID has been around forever now, get with it.

  • John

    Exactly. Doesn’t the other major banks have Touch ID?

    My guess is Apple Pay for the remaining banks will be June 1st. (Tuesday)

  • yep I think they do.

    I love entering my password every time i use their app…

  • Touch ID support coming in 2025.

  • MathsWizz

    June 1 or Tuesday? lol
    Tuesday is May 31… betting pool time! Do any of them specify “June” or are they just saying coming weeks?

  • Many99

    have you heard of if any Canadian bank interested in adding atm withdrawals using our phones like Wells Fargo and other banks starting to do or looking to do

  • Update: Launch in “several weeks” for remaining banks:

  • John

    Coming weeks back two weeks ago, so I suspect Apple Pay will be coming next week sometime. (Let’s hope)

  • Kevin

    BMO started updating their ATM with NFC function a while ago. You can withdraw with Apple Pay in a few weeks if you are lucky to have an updated ATM close to you.

  • Many99

    I’m assuming that will work with cibc

  • Rory

    PCF has had it for awhile now.

  • makeittalk

    Scotia supports TouchID in their banking app, but not in the iTrade app. Go figure.

  • Mark

    I just tried adding my TD Debit Interac card to Apple Pay. I still received an error message stating it wasn’t supported, but there was an additional screen asking for my expiry date and security code before receiving the error. Small steps – hoping TD is going live soon!

  • John

    On another thread ATB bank confirmed in app purchase will go live June 1st. So we have to wait till tomorrow.