TD Canada’s All-New iPhone App is Now Available for Download [u]


TD Canada customers can now download a brand-new version of the iPhone app as version 7.0 has hit the App Store this morning. Earlier this month the bank teased a new version was coming and it has now arrived.

The new app has a design that takes elements from the TD Insurance iOS app, while new features include the ability to quickly access account balances without logging in, sending Interac e-Transfers from your iPhone contacts list and more:

What’s New in Version 7.0
We took the best of our TD app, gave it a fresh new look & added some great new features:

• Have your credentials handy as you will need them to log into the app.
• Quick Access option to check account balances without logging in
• Add Interac e-Transfer recipients from your iPhone’s contact list
• Submit U.S. bill payments. You must register and set up payees in EasyWeb first. Conditions and fees apply.
• Add Canadian payees from your iPhone
• Quick Links shortcuts
• Pre-filled account transfer amounts
• Easier TD Credit Card Account payments
• FAQs and support built right into the app
• Multitask for up to 10 minutes before getting automatically logged out
• Monitor stocks with Advanced Charting
• Spot opportunities with new Heat Maps

Td canada Td canada 2

Td canada 3 Td canada 4

Last year’s version 6.0 of the TD Canada app launched in July, so version 7.0 comes less than a year later for customers. The app does not appear to be optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen resolutions yet, though.

Also, for the initial login, the fields do not allow for pasting of your login or password, so you’ll have to manually type it in. It would be nice to see 1Password and Touch ID support sometime soon hopefully.

Update: After TD’s Twitter account gave out some horrible password advice to a customer, they are now saying they are addressing this inability to paste a password and also looking into working with a password manager.

Let us know what you think of this update.

Click here to download TD Canada for iPhone in the App Store.

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  • Patrick Ducharme

    So no Apple Pay support announcement at the same time of that new App ? I guess we won’t see it in Canada anytime soon!

  • Ryan Goodfellow

    still no support for 1Password, and I can’t copy/paste my access card/password from 1Password in. Silly TD still only allows max. 8 char passwords. THEY JUST DON’T GET IT.

  • rvs007

    Really, TD, still no TouchID support? Tangerine continues to have you beat…

  • Salinger

    MyTD password is 12 characters.

  • Benito C

    I hate the new app. I use a complex password saved on 1Password, and this new app no longer lets me paste the password into it to log in. This is the worse, they need to use TouchID so that one only needs to log in with their complex password once.

  • Yeah, the lack of allowing paste in the password field is puzzling. Sure, it’s for the name of security but for those with complex passwords that aren’t easy to remember…

  • Crossing our fingers for a WWDC announcement for Apple Pay support here in Canada…hopefully this doesn’t turn into an iTunes Radio-unicorn situation.

  • hub2

    I know Tangerine or some other bank allows TouchID login. I’m all for them adding the option for those who want to use it.

    However, no way in hell would I personally trust my bank accounts to a fingerprint scanner that’s not in the bank itself. Not because I think it’s easily cracked, but because your accounts can be accessed while you’re unconscious.

    Accessing and messing with non-financial accounts like Facebook or Twitter fall into the mostly-harmless prank category, whereas messing with your bank accounts as a prank or actual crime can take weeks or months to undo.

  • The TD bank app would never have access to your Touch ID fingerprint data, stored securely within the Secure Enclave, found within A7 chips or newer.

  • hub2

    That is expressly not the point. That is not news to me, I already said I’m not worried about fingerprint data being compromised, nor that the bank would somehow get access to it (heck I even implied that I’m not against a bank having their own fingerprint scanners, but *in the bank itself*, meaning they could capture your fingerprint info and do what they want with it).

    My point is that by setting up fingerprint-only access to your phone *and* bank account, someone can log into both while you’re unconscious.

    Security based on something-you-have is fine for protecting most data on your phone. Accessing bank accounts remotely though, without video or other verify-conscious-presence record, should require some level of something-you-know security. That said, I also noted the option should be available so people can choose to trade security for convenience on their bank accounts. I won’t.

    Yes, this sounds paranoid and I’m coming up with sometimes farfetched, worst-case scenarios. I’m actually paid to think this way.

  • I get what you’re saying. Your concern sounds like Touch ID and fingerprints in general. I guess anyone could enter your 1Password vault if Touch ID is enabled too and similarly gain access to more data that way.

  • rvs007

    If you have that level of paranoia (and I know some people are which is ok), then don’t use TouchID. It’s a feature that can be turned on and off. But give us that option, TD!

  • hub2

    I bought an iPad Air 2 last week** and am using the Touch ID there. So I’m not against it at all, and will probably use it when I get a new iPhone with one. Just not exclusively for my bank accounts.

    ** Would’ve waited for next-generation, but Apple will jack up iPad prices soon like they did for iPhones, so with the Target liquidation price being equivalent of about $365 USD, it was a no-brainer buy…

  • Rio

    Tangerine doesnt truly have Touch ID support, they just allow you to use it for the Orange Snapshot which is useless to most people.

    No bank right now offers any Touch ID support to login to your account.

  • skippingrock

    They need to add 1Password extension support.

    Both are Toronto based companies, so the TD app developers need only walk down to their office and work with the developers of Agile Bits to see that it is a great security software.

    Anyway, there is a really good discussion about it and I post a link to where you can contact the TD Mobile Applications department and express your concerns as well.

    TD states that they have a 100% Online security guarantee, but the part of the guarantee is that we safeguard our side of things. Not being able to paste in a long and complicated password is stupid (though I do in a post mention a way that you can paste it in with the iPhone app; but you need a Bluetooth keyboard connected to your iPhone. Not something most people will have.

  • TD has tweeted they will be addressing the lack of paste in the password field, and will look into integrating a password manager.

  • skippingrock

    (Excuse the crossposting… but thought this was good to restate here)

    Here is the message response that I got this morning from TD Mobile Applications department, it is great that they…as a bank, are so quickly responding to this issue:

    Hi @skippingrock:disqus ,

    Thanks for connecting with us here today.

    @skippingrock:disqus , I’d like to confirm that we’ve received similar feedback from some of our other iPhone clients. We are presently working to resolve the issue preventing password copy/paste and the use of password managers.

    I encourage you to keep an eye on our Twitter feed @TD_Canada for an update on this matter.

    We appreciate your business, @skippingrock:disqus , and your feedback is important to us. Please enjoy the rest of your day!

    Warm Regards,

    Geoffrey P.

    Internet Correspondence Representative

    Hopefully they take our advice and contact AgileBits! A collaboration of Canadian (and other countries… I suspect not everyone at AgileBits is in Toronto) tech!

  • skippingrock

    See my post below.
    I think they are starting to get it.

  • Chuck Kahn

    Auto-updated to this new app. Last week I could paste my password. This week I cannot. Yelling at this app for being so fucking stupid taking away functionality it had and calling it “fresh”. I refused to buy an iPhone until the 3GS with copy and paste capability came out. Thanks for dropping me back into 2008, TD.

  • Bobby

    still waiting for apple pay in canada…

  • Chuck Kahn

    Yay they fixed it!

  • Yeah, finally. Thanks TD!

  • Brad Greiner

    Scotia bank and American Express does

  • Mr Dog

    You are commenting on a 10+ old month article bud.

    So does BMO FYI and Tangering too.

  • Brad Greiner

    I noticed that after lol

  • Xq

    Still no touch I’d

    When I complained on the td site they censored and did not post my complaint