‘TD For Me’ Digital Concierge Coming to TD Bank for iPhone


TD Bank has announced an impending iOS update will launch their new digital concierge, dubbed TD For Me, which aims to bring curated content and “create personalized, contextual experiences for customers based on their location and interests.” The service will be powered by Canadian startup Flybits, to detail location-based offers such as tips and details on local events.

TD for Me iOS

Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital and Payments Officer, TD, said in a statement to iPhone in Canada, “TD for Me expands on our ability to be there for customers by creating more intuitive, personalized and relevant experiences that go beyond traditional banking,” adding “By delivering in-the-moment experiences we’re able to humanize the digital interactions and cater more to how customers live their lives through their mobile devices.”

TD For Me will be opt-in, which will bring push notifications when new information is available when they enter a participating zone. Info such as TD-sponsored community events, special offers and discounts and travel tips will be available.

The new digital concierge launches today for Android, but will be available for iOS devices in an upcoming update “in the coming days.”

Sounds like an interesting feature—but please TD, just give us Touch ID support already.


  • rvs007

    I second your sentiment, Gary… not having Touch ID support for their app is a PITA especially when I have a long password set.

  • duke_seb

    I third that…. I find it ridiculous that I can use Touch ID to use my bank card and credit card but can’t open the app

  • Harold Mitchell

    Simply an attempt to collect as much information as possible on you and then sending you unsolicited spam ads disguised as “Delivering in-the-moment experiences”…No thank you.

    As Gary said, just give me Touch ID support.

  • noah


  • I agree Gary just give us Touch ID already!