TELUS Optik Smart Remote App Lets You Change Channels


Just over a week ago TELUS released their Optik Smart Remote in the App Store (currently featured under What’s Hot) and essentially it will allow you to change the channels on your PVR from your iPhone or iPad and get access to PVR controls. You can set and manage recordings on the go and also check out the full PVR guide right from your iOS device:

– Set and manage your PVR recordings while you’re on the go so you don’t miss another show
– Spend less time channel surfing and use the guide filters to show only what you’re looking for
– Find out what else is on and browse the interactive program guide on your mobile device without interrupting a moment of your show.
– Use your mobile device to change the channel
– Get tons of program related information from sources like IMDb, Wikipedia and YouTube

– Must subscribe to TELUS Optik TV and High Speed.
– To access recording functionality, an Optik HD PVR is required.
– iOS version 5.1.1 or later
– An Optik TV account is required to log onto this service. To create your username and password, go to the Main Menu on your digital box, select Settings, Optik TV account and follow the instructions.


Early reviews in iTunes note the app works quite well and allows easy one-touch taps to change channels. You’re never going to get off the couch now.

Of course, it’s available for TELUS Optik TV and High Speed customers only and your iOS device must be on iOS 5.1.1 or higher.

TELUS also has the Optik TV Remote Recording app, but that does not include the ability to change channels.

Click here to download the TELUS Optik Smart Remote–it’s free. Let me know how you like the app so far!


  • Ubc

    Wish shaw would come out with something like that to control their pvr’s

  • False Creek

    Moving into a new place in Vancouver and trying to decide if I should go with Telus or Shaw. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • bradg17

    Great news! Bell also has this feature in their pvr app if anyone is wondering

  • SixtyNine69

    the ultimate TV troll app

  • T33BS

    Your move, Shaw..

  • Get with the times Shaw!!! I pay out my arse for your services, build me an app like this.

  • Chris

    I don’t get why they have 2 apps. In regards to the new app, when I go to “My Recordings” it shows every single recording I have made, even if I deleted them off the PVR. Don’t know why…

  • hub2

    Rogers has been saying support “coming soon” for an app to control their HD PVR for the last year and a half. Telus is looking better every day