‘Thirstie’ for iPhone Launches Alcohol Delivery in Canada for Toronto, Ottawa [u]


New York-based Thirstie has launched its mobile-first alcohol delivery service in Canada, debuting today in Toronto and Ottawa, with “service to other Ontario cities coming soon,” says the company, which claims it’s the first mobile alcohol delivery service in the country. The service first launch last February in New York City and today is debuting for Android, with iOS support coming this week (updated).

Customers just search through the app to see what’s available, add items to cart and your booze should be delivered “in one hour or less” along with a “small convenience fee” (Update:  Thirstie’s co-founder, Maxim Razmakhin, emailed to clarify “The delivery fee is $9 in Toronto and $8 in Ottawa.”), all done via the company’s iOS app.

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Founder and CEO Devaraj Southworth said in a statement “Our customers appreciate how fast and easy the Thirstie experience is,” while adding “We’re excited to introduce this same experience to the Canadian market, with Toronto and Ottawa leading the way as their cocktail and beer culture is booming.”

Here’s one of their original launch videos from last year:

Thirstie says since November of 2014, they have seen 34% month-over-month customer growth and hit 20 markets, with Ontario being the latest. Average orders are usually around $75 or so, while their app currently gets over 25,000 downloads, available for iOS and Android.

Click here to download Thirstie for iPhone in the App Store–support for iOS users is coming this week. Let us know if you’re going to try this!


  • iGard Anderson

    So.. it requires you to enter the address in order to register, and looks like it pulls addresses from their database.. and that database lucks Toronto’s streets… app is useless. :/ i went to their website and says that it delivers to:
    New York
    Jersey City
    San Francisco
    Los Angeles
    Washington, D.C.
    New Haven

    Any help/idea??

  • Bull Worth

    “Click here to download Thirstie for iPhone in the App Store–support for iOS users is coming this week.”

    Guess it’s not launched yet. It was just a bit misleading to tell us to download the app at this point.

  • We updated the article to correct the misinformation. Apologies!

  • Bull Worth

    All good Gary, thanks for jumping on it. Looking forward to this app. Anything that supports weekend lethargy is progress in my books!

  • Thirstie will really up your Netflix and Chill game!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    The linked video says “Free Delivery”. They now charge $9.00 (plus tax?) for delivery in Toronto. It’s getting expensive. I can order a pizza and have it delivered for Thirstie’s delivery charge alone.

  • The video is ‘old’ so it doesn’t apply to Canada. But I can see how the service would be helpful for those who are willing to pay for the convenience.