Tim Hortons iPhone App Update Brings More Customizable Coffee Options and More


Tim Hortons has updated their iPhone app with “a new way to customize your order”, when it comes to beverages.

Customers can now specify cream, 2% milk, soy, sugar and sweetener in half-increments, from 0.5 to 2.5. When you tap on an add-on, you’ll be presented with more granular options, resulting in a better customized beverage for you coffee divas out there. Check out our screenshots below:

IMG 2509 IMG 2508

Tim Hortons says the update also lets you “view all your available offers straight from the app.”

The coffee chain launched the mobile order and pay app last July. While the app supports in-app Apple Pay, it only applies to set Tim card amount reloads, and not for the exact amount of your order. This implementation sucks because if you’re a casual Tim Hortons customer, you end up with an unused balance within the app.

Click here to download Tim Hortons for iPhone in the App Store.


  • Bill___A

    The main problem with the Tim Horton’s app is the implementation in the store. People not looking to see the upcoming orders. People not ensuring mobile order customers get their order in a timely manner (while it gets cold.) People substituting vastly different things when they are out of something that should have showed up as unavailable in the first place. All in all, mobile ordering is pretty hit and miss and it is because of the staff.

  • Willie Williams

    Only two stores in my area that are spot on. Other then that I just go inside and order like everyone else because the tills that the orders come in are never open and nobody checks them.