Toronto’s Flipp for iOS is the Best Way to Browse Flyers, Ever


If you are a bargain hunter and don’t have the time to browse through paper flyers, going digital is the best way with Flipp for iOS, made by developers based in Toronto. The app features flyers based on your location and currently supports over 300 stores.

It’s super easy to navigate flyers which load quickly, plus you can easily ‘clip’ an item to add it to your list by tapping on it. You can also narrow down flyer savings with their discount slider which highlights items on sale all the way up to 50% off.

Features include:

  • Search: Easily search for a store, item, or brand and never miss out on something specific you need.
  • Clippings: Clip items from any flyer straight to your shopping list.
  • ?Discount slider: Highlight items on sale for the best deals and savings.
  • Favourites: Save your favourite store’s flyers for easy reference
  • ?Synchronization: Flipp automatically syncs shopping lists and favourites between your iPad and iPhone. (iOS 7 only)
  • Item Details & Sharing: Tap and hold items for detailed specifications, reviews and to buy online. Then, share them with your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email.

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Although Flipp is well thought out, a couple local grocery stores in our area were not listed. However, you can suggest new stores to Flipp and be notified via email or a tweet when they are added. The app has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars in iTunes out of 178 ratings so you know it’s a worthy app to own, plus it’s currently featured in the App Store under ‘Locally Developed’.

Previously we reviewed for access digital flyers but Flipp definitely takes clippings to another level. Developed by Wishabi in Toronto, the company last September received a $15 million Series B financing from Insight Venture Partners to expand their platform.

Remember, everybody wants to shop at Walmart but nobody wants to shop at Walmart (kidding). Happy flyer surfing!

Click here to download Flipp for iOS and tell us what you think of it!


  • I’m not into bargain hunting but I really love this app.

    Better than paper flyers and much more environment friendly.

  • Yep the implementation is very well done. More than just looking at the flyers.

  • Racegirl

    Love this app. Have been using it for about a month now and love the search and clip features.

  • Wendy

    Hello I’ve noticed that the following flyers are not on flipp. Is it possible to add these to flip app?
    Mike and dean
    As walmart will price match all Ontario and Quebec flyers,by adding these additional flyers, many more people will possibly use this app.