Tubetime Launches Free All-In-One TV Guide, Remote App in Canada [u]


Tubetime is a new all-in-one TV guide and remote app for iOS users, launched earlier this week in Canada. Users have the option of purchasing a reasonably-priced $9.95 CDN dongle to turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote for your TV, PVR and other electronics.

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• Easily search, browse and personalize your TV guide to find your favourite shows. Tubetime works with all major Canadian cable and satellite operators.
• Set reminders so that you don’t miss your favourite shows.
• Be in the buzz, tweet, share and post on Facebook.
• Easily find and follow the Twitter feeds of your shows.
• Invite your friends to watch shows with you, see what they like, see what’s popular.
• By adding the connector to your iPhone, iPad or iPod, turn it into a remote control to enhance your TV viewing and home entertainment experience.

I took Tubetime for a quick test and the interface is clean and simple to use. The setup is easy to find your local provider via your location and doesn’t require any registration.

A slider along the top allows you to quickly jump to any time you want within the TV guide. What is neat about Tubetime is how social networks are integrated, as once you hook up your iOS integrated Twitter account you can start tweeting quickly, as popular show hashtags are inserted for you.

Once you’ve found your favourite TV show, one tap is all that’s needed to set a timer to remind you of its start via push notifications.

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Tubetime was created in Montreal and looks to be a promising TV guide and remote app, with an Android version coming soon. Give it a shot and tell me what you think.

Click here to download Tubetime, it’s free.

Update 1:31 PM: We’ve contacted Tubetime and they have agreed to hold a contest for readers. Up for grabs are 5 of their infrared connectors ($9.95 CDN value) to turn your iPhone into a TV remote.

How to enter? Just leave a comment (with an email address so we can pass it onto Tubetime) below!

Contest ends on midnight PST on Sunday, March 17th. Good luck!

Update 2, March 18th: Congrats to the following winners–check your email! You have 24 hours to respond or new winners will be picked.

  • Mike (
  • Kim Stenner
  • writetrev
  • stevethomp
  • JBLX



  • Looks fascinating. Any chance you will review the dongled remote soon?

  • Sandeasy

    I’m in hope i get one.

  • So Want! And great app BTW!


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    Read a lot about this, I wanna pick one up, because unlike my TV remote, my iPhone never gets lost.

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  • Looks cool. Waiting patiently for a review or just get/win one. Although I a also using my iphone as a glorified iPod as I’m rocking a Z10 now.

  • Count me in! mjs1766 at gmail dot com

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    I’ll take one of those!

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    Looks awesome I’d like one

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  • It would be cool if the app could be used to program my PVR recordings, whether at home or when out and about. the remote dongle would also help in reducing remote control clutter. Keep up the good work!

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  • Matt

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    I downloaded this because of the post and it is great. The dongle remote would make this app very functional and useful to many.

  • That’s a neat gizmo. Thanks for offering it up to your readers.


  • François Julien

    Awesome i want one

  • I would love to win one of these! I hope you don’t want us to leave an email address in plaintext in the comment! DM me!

  • writetrev

    Anything that can help me replace my regular remote would be a welcome change!

  • Sheldon Torres

    Great timing as I’m looking into a universal remote. This will be great to have!

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    Might invest in this. You always seem to loose the remote but never the phone.

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    Finally a fantastic solution to remote epidemic!

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    This would be really cool to try out…and perhaps a good alternative to a Harmony remote

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    I have been looking for a great product for my iphone device to use with my cable tv at home.

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    Oh wow, what an interesting concept!

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    I’d consider getting cable if this thing works. Please enter my name in the contest.

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    Hope to win one !

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    For a “free” app it has a very sleek and easy to use interface. I’d Love to get one of the dongles. Better than having both a remote and iphone in my hand while watching a show.

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    sidfriedman at gmail dot com

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  • BCEd

    Looks like Tubetime has bitten the dust as of yesterday (22 June 2015). Website is down. iOS app gives a “Please note that Tubetime will be pausing its activities for an undertimed period. Thanks to all users.”

    Shame. It was a great service. Used the app *all* the time.