File Taxes from iPhone or iPad with TurboTax Free Canada for iOS


Intuit’s new TurboTax Free had made its way into the App Store, which allows Canadians to file tax returns for free from their iPhone or iPad.

TurboTax Free has no income caps, can import tax info from the Canada Revenue Agency (such as your T4, RRSP investment receipts, etc) with the Auto-Fill My Return feature and covers most tax situations at no cost.

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Todd Stanley, General Manager of TurboTax Canada, said in an emailed statement to iPhone in Canada “TurboTax Free is all about putting effortless, worry-free tax preparation into the hands of millions of hard-working Canadians,” adding “This year, we have created our best free software yet, available to more people and more tax situations than ever.”

TurboTax Free for iOS supports the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or newer, running iOS 8 or later. The app covers all NetFile certified tax situations “except AgriStability and Quebec federal and provincial returns.” When asked about the lack of support for Quebec, the company said via email it’s not something available at this time but they would look into it.

The filing due date for your 2015 Canadian tax return is on or before April 30, 2016.

You can click here to sign up for TurboTax Free and download the iOS app here.


  • FragilityG4

    So the software is free but what about the filling?

  • TurboTax says it’s free

  • FragilityG4

    For an individual or is it free for a family too?

  • joeyconnick

    This sounds really good (saw it on the App Store this weekend) but if it’s fully free, it makes me suspicious about how they’re planning to turn a profit with it. If the product is free, and we’re then the product, how are they going to monetize us? Surely they’re not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts LOL

    For instance, the US version of the app requires you to pay when you file. I wonder if they figure it’s worth it to let Canadians file for free if it gives them a captive market to advertise their for-pay products to… like “You wouldn’t want to miss any deductions, right?! Pay $19.99 now to upgrade to TurboTax Basic!”

  • Tim

    Dear lord, I’m not going to do my taxes on my phone…or my ipad, but especially a phone. On my laptop or desktop I can have all my digital forms open and easy to access. Silly.

  • Mr Dog

    App is surprisingly nice. I thought I would give it a try and managed to enter everything within 15minutes to get a quick estimate.