TV iOS App Missing in iOS 11? Download it From the App Store Here


The release of iOS 11 also introduced Apple’s TV iOS app in Canada for the first time. However, some users after updating to iOS 11 have not seen the TV iOS app, as it’s just not available on iPhone or iPad.

One fix that worked for some users was to sign out of their Canadian iTunes account, login to their U.S. iTunes account—which will see the TV iOS app install—logout, then back into their Canadian account.

If that fix above didn’t work, here’s an even easier solution—download the TV iOS app from the App Store, as it’s finally available as a standalone download.

Image 1

Click here to download TV for iOS in the App Store. BEWARE: Clicking on this link while on your Mac will send Chrome/Safari into an endless tab-opening loop, as iTunes launches, then jumps back to Chrome/Safari and vice versa (since Apple removed the App Store from iTunes).

Thanks Gilles!


  • jabohn

    I got it by downloading it from the store, but it only started showing up in the store in the last day or so. Once I downloaded it, it took the place of the Videos app but the Videos app was still there and just moved to the last spot on my home screen. This seems to create some problems as the Library tab in the TV app would not load. Once I rebooted the iPhone, the Videos app was completely gone and the Library tab would load correctly.

    I think they should at least have given us a choice if we wanted the old app. I much prefer it as it keeps my iTunes stuff front and center and not mixed in with stuff I don’t own. Maybe if a person has more content and subscriptions to the apps that are linked to TV it would be of more use. Also at this point, the old Videos and TV Shows apps are still there on the AppleTV so why not in iOS too?

  • Networx

    I have both apps now. Thanks for the info. The one thing that’s wrong with the TV App is that it doesn’t display chapter listings on the info screen for movies that have them and I can’t find a way to access them when watching the movie. That’s not cool.

  • Networx

    Update: if you tap the fast forward button it advances to the next chapter but they’ve removed the listing of the chapters feature and I used that a lot with concert films. Grrrr…

  • Cheers