Tweetbot 4 Released for iPhone, iPad with 50% Off Launch Sale


Tapbots has released Tweetbot 4, a paid update to their popular Tweetbot 3. For those looking for an alternative to Twitter’s iOS app, this appears to be the best third party option available.

What’s New in Version 4:

– iPad Support (Universal)
– Landscape Support on iPhone and iPad
– New Statistics and Activity View.
– New Column View in Landscape on iPad and the iPhone 6+
– Split View Multi-tasking on iPad
– More Granular Mute Filter Settings
– Quick Reply from Notifications
– Safari View Controller with Support for Content Blockers
– Improved User Profiles
– Improved Status Detail
– Refreshed User Interface
– Many Optimizations Under the Hood

Also new is a Statistics and Activity View, which shows stats on the popularity of your tweets and also notes your new followers each day.

We just purchased this upgrade to share some quick screenshots with you. The timeline view looks identical with some slight tweaks (Tweetbot 3 on left; Tweetbot 4 on right):

IMG 0120 IMG 0122

Tweetbot 3 is shown below on the left when you tap a specific tweet; Tweetbot 4 is shown on the right for a specific tweet:

IMG 0128IMG 0127

The app comes with a new landscape column view on iPad and iPhone 6 Plus, which allows a dedicated column for a list, search result, mentions, statistics, or activity stream.

Here’s what split view looks on the iPhone 6s Plus (it’s pretty neat for those that like to use their iPhone 6+ models in landscape):

IMG 0132

For an in-depth review of Tweetbot 4, check out this long piece over at MacStories by Federico Viticci, to help you decide whether this upgrade is for you.

Tweetoot 4 currently has a 50% off launch price of $5.79 CAD “for a limited time.” If you’re a Twitter junkie, this is one to consider.


  • Bryan Simmons

    I love tweetbot, but 5.79 for a Twitter client? No thanks

  • That’s on sale. It will be $11.58 CAD regular price. I guess it’s one way to support a developer!

  • macmurray

    OMG! It’s like, less than a Big Mac meal… Why should developers work for peanuts?

  • Bryan Simmons

    I appreciate the condescension, thank you. I never said anything about devs working for peanuts, but $12 for a Twitter client is a bit much, I can’t imagine the profit they’ll be making off this.

  • macmurray

    I’d gladly spend $12 on it. It’s an app I use multiple times every day and I appreciate the level of design and functionality it provides. If it’s not worth the price of admission for you then don’t buy it. Tapbots did the work and set the price; that’s their prerogative, whether you think that price is fair or not is irrelevant.

    Lots of people think that app devs make money hand over fist, but that just not the reality, even if it’s a top rated app. Look up the comments that Marco guy made about how much revenue he saw from that ad blocker he famously pulled from the store a couple weeks back when it was the number 1 paid app.

  • MikeJenkinson

    I’ll happily pay $6 to not have to deal with giant blocks of Twitter ads on the official app.