Upgrade Your iPhone Camera With ProCamera + Giveaway!


If you’re looking for an iPhone camera app that packs an amazing number of features, some of which you may never even use but are nice to have, check out ProCamera in the App Store.


The great thing about ProCamera is the abundance of features included in the app. The app delivers intuitive and fast control for all of its features, making ProCamera both fun and easy to use.

Let’s begin with the photo and video enhancement options. ProCamera features six options for video/photo enhancement:


  • The AntiShake stabilizes camera shots so that users get the sharpest photos possible in any situation. While I’m not taking super shaky shots in my daily adventures, the AntiShake feature definitely cleans up photos.

Power Zooming

  • This features expands the iPhone‘s photo zooming capabilities with a 6x zoom. While photo zoom is quite bad on the iPhone, it looks better when using ProCamera.

Self Timer

  • This is a great feature as it enables users to set a timer so that group shots or self-shots can be easily done.

Virtual Horizon & Grids

  • This feature allows users to avoid crooked pictures and videos.

Multi Shot

  • Multi Shot is great for panoramic or collage photos! The feature enables users to snap photos one shot after the other.

Fullscreen Trigger

  • While I don’t use this feature often, the Fullscreen Trigger is handy. It enables users to tap anywhere on the screen to capture a photo. This is great for those quick, unexpected photo opportunities.

Aside from the aforementioned features, the app also includes an “Expert” mode that gives users separate focus and exposure controls for both photos and videos. Any adjustments are locked-in so the iPhone can be moved without readjustment.

The white balance feature also has a similar locking function. The white balance can be locked-in to a specific color temperature with one tap.

For photo editing, ProCamera includes three tools: ProFX, ProCut, and ProLab.


  • ProFX enables users to apply various filters and effects with a single tap. The app also includes a good variety of filters so users can get creative.


  • ProCut enables users to cut, crop, and rotate photos. The feature even lets users choose a ratio preset to quickly frame the photo to a specific size. The feature is handy for creating avatars or other small photos.


  • ProLab enables users to manually adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast settings of photos. ProLab also includes auto-adjustment features and scene modes to further enhance photos.

Lastly, similar to the iPhone, photos taken by ProCamera contain useful information such as time, date, location, and compass direction. The data is hidden in the photos and can be seen in the ProCamera app with satellite maps showing where photos were taken.

Overall, ProCamera is a powerful and fantastic camera app. If you need more power and function than what the stock iPhone can deliver, check out ProCamera!

ProCamera is available, on sale, in the App Store for $1.99.

The Giveaway!

Today I have FIVE copies of ProCamera to giveaway to readers!

Throughout the day, I will drop the five codes into the comments below. Be the first to get one to win!

The codes require a US iTunes account. Create one here super easily for free (why don’t you have one already?!)

But, before we begin, what do you think of ProCamera?


  • Anonymous

    yes please! 🙂

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    so cool! id love to try this and see if i like it.

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    I would love to try this app out-please, pretty please?

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    Sounds great. Before I spend my hard earned money I need to try it first to make sure it’s worth it

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    How do yup use this code to get the free app?

  • Steve Lam

    i hope you know these codes are only valid in the US itunes store.

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    Well that fucking sucks

  • Ex
  • Ex

    In the App Store on your device, go to Featured and “Redeem”

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    I’m curious to know how it compares to Camera+? Sounds sweet.

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    Why why why. Give us canadian codes!

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    Not really.

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    I want it! Could be great to take pictures of my childs. 🙂

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    Second code 7MPAF4JTH4R6

  • CdnDrvr

    correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t it that having 2 apple ids for various apps complicate the synch process on one’s iTunes? if that’s the case, then one has to choose whether to stick with US apple id or CA apple id for good, i.e. indefinitely?

    for folks who have US apple ids, can you still run your CBC or CTV videos? (i think these are are region specific)

  • Paul_1982

    It complicates it slightly but it is still easy to have apps from 2 different accounts on te same device… I’ve been doing this for years with no problems.

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    How do you get the app with the fifth code?

  • 1HisNibs1

    How do u get this/or win it?

  • Theredarrowguy

    I think my iPhone 4 is on par with my Pentax as far as quality, but would love to try an app that offers it even more to “shine”! I shoot a lot of pix in my day to day life especially with grandchildren around! Go ahead- try me! Keep up the great posts