Valpak Coupon App Now Supports Passbook


Valpak offers numerous coupons for a variety of retailers and restaurants and their iOS app was recently updated to support Passbook integration:

As one of the first providers of local coupons in Passbook, Valpak once again is leading the charge in making coupons accessible to consumers anywhere@anytime. “We certainly recognize the significant consumer convenience this brings,” said Michael Vivio, president of Cox Target Media, provider of Valpak. “Now that Valpak is integrated with Passbook, it’s easier than ever for consumer’s to interact with their favorite small businesses using this leading edge technology.”

The app automatically detects your location and then displays coupons within a 25 kilometre radius. Once you select an offer, an option appears to add that coupon to Passbook. It’s a fairly simple process and early tests by @justinluey notes the integration works well so far. Take a look below:


Click here to download Valpak in the App Store–it’s free. Offers seem to be limited to your area, so give this a try and share with us if coupons are available where you live.

Passbook so far can be tested out with Cineplex Mobile in Canada, Porter Airlines and unofficially Starbucks (if you use our workaround).

[via Valpak]


  • Ubc

    There is nothing in Vancouver at all that can be used..everything is for the states

  • As a side note, The Eventbrite app lets you add tickets to the iOs 6 Passbook.

  • DonkeyKongdkajdhdnx

    Nothing within 100 miles of Calgary.

  • Cheers

    Just downloaded the app and checked downtown Ottawa. I did not know that in the near vicinity I have (and there are coupons for) a roofing company, a fur remodeler (?!?) and a cemetery… I guess it would be very practical if you have a great-aunt whom you coax into helping the roofers redo your roof and she accidently takes a fatal fall from said roof, leaving you her extensive collection of furs.

  • I used it again tonight, and it worked perfectly (including the location awareness).

    Based on the comments here, I guess the offers depend on your location. I’m in the Niagara region of Ontario and there are 89 offers.

  • greg_hannah

    Downloaded & tried Valpak in downtown Toronto, many came up but they are not downtown, they are all 13 miles away or further, and I don’t have a car.

  • Tory

    Nothing for the Saskatoon area or 100 mile vicinity either.

  • Vic

    hoo wee nothing in vancouver, but the ones that it offers in blaine seem alright. hopefully with age this will grow, would like to be able to use this similar to what foursquare, yelp, and groupon offers with nearby walk in deals

  • jabohn

    Nothing in the Okanagan.

  • Jon

    You don’t need the coupons for furs if your aunt leaves them to you in her will.