Viber 2.2 Update Brings Group Messaging, New Voice Engine for Better Sound Quality


Viber has been one of our favorite free voice over IP calling apps, and now a new update makes it even better. Viber let us know the new update includes bug fixes and other various improvements. Here are a list of new features:

– Group Messaging: you can now send free messages to groups of friends.
– Assign a custom background to conversation.
– Photos were added to the Contacts list
– New voice engine and Improved sound quality.
– Added time stamp for each message.
– See who joined Viber lately when viewing the Contacts screen.

Just last March, Viber hit 10 million downloads and has been growing quickly ever since. Now that the app is cross platform there are more than 90 million users.

What we enjoy about the app is the amazing voice clarity that rivals Skype and quite possibly surpasses it. This new update makes an existing app even better than before. The only issue is getting your friends to sign up but if you want free calling, it’s the price we have to pay. The new ability for group texts and timestamps brings Viber into the territory of a WhatsApp replacement.


Click here to download Viber, it’s free.

Anyone out there taking full advantage of Viber?


  • Calvin

    2 of my friends, including myself will warn anyone who uses Viber for VoIP calling. If you are using wifi to call someone, and your wifi connection suddenly drops, you will not revert to your data, but to a regular call using your phone plan. We tried this again, but with a local call, and it just switches. Not sure if its changed now though.

    I was calling my friend from toronto to texas, and we talked for about 2hrs catching up. then at the end of the month i received a very nice $80 long distance charge on my bill. I called in to Rogers to see what they could do, they said it was the apps fault. I emailed Viber, they said i had made a regular call through the app and that i should call my provider.

    Sticking to Skype lol.

  • jabohn

    Gary, please fix the download link at the end of the article. Thanks!

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