All-New VLC for iOS Download Coming Back to the App Store Today [Update]


VLC for iPhone first made its debut in the App Store back in October of 2010, but was pulled later in January due as the app violated the GNU public license (GPL) since app purchases have Digital Rights Management (DRM). The download quickly made its way into Cydia thanks to Edmonton developer Ryan Petrich, who added the app to his repo.

This morning MacStories reports VLC for iOS is making its way into the App Store today and should be available shortly, in the form of a new app for the iPhone and iPad. The new app has been completely revamped for today’s standards. The new app will have various features to enable users to stream media, with the inclusion of Dropbox as one option.

2013 07 18 18 23 12 vlcmain

image via MacStories

This time around, the creators have ensured the app won’t violate any terms and will remain in the App Store. Stay tuned, as when VLC goes live we will update this post with the download link.

Update: VLC for iOS is now available in the App Store. Click here to download it.


  • K3

    Wasn’t it a legal issue between the developers? Great to see it back!

  • K3

    ah never mind that question Gary, just read the “it’s been pulled” 2011 post.. kind of weird though as there’s been other players all this time (Plex, Infuse)

  • 198

    Argh still not up

  • It looks to be coming back this late evening.

  • Joe S

    Still not up…anybody have further information about this?

  • Try the link we posted in the update.

  • Mike

    the link in the update says vlc not available in the canadian store. Am I missing something?

  • It must have been pulled as it was working for us when we put it in. Strange.

  • Paul

    You guys got the wrong link, try this one.