Want to Try Passbook? Register a Starbucks Card, Get $5 Free, New Members Only


The Starbucks Canada iPhone app was updated yesterday with an easier way see your available rewards, store directions via Apple Maps, improved brightness and some bug fixes. With its integration into Passbook last October, paying for coffee has never been easier with your iPhone.

Currently there’s a Starbucks promotion where you can get $5 free if you register any Starbucks card, new members only (it’s possible to have more than one account by the way). If you’ve never used Passbook at Starbucks before, this might be one way to try it out for free.

Once your card is registered and added to Passbook (via the Starbucks app), the feature will use your location data and pop up on your iPhone’s lock screen once near a location. One slide to the right and your Starbucks Passbook card will appear. It’s just too easy to pay at Starbucks nowadays, especially if you have auto-reload setup.


The offer ends on March 14, 2013. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

[via RFD]


  • gtasscarlo

    Do you have to add money to the starbucks ecard?

  • No. It’ll gift you $5 once you register it with a new account.

  • gtasscarlo

    So essentially you can register 5 to 10 different accounts, then merge the balance.

  • Dave

    What if I don’t have a pre-existing Starbucks card? I just download the app, created an account, and added it to Passbook, but I don’t see any mention of receiving a $5 credit.


    I had an existing card but never a mobile account on my iPhone. Set it up but they did not give
    me $5.00. A don’t think this is a real offer.

  • gerry

    Call customer service if you’re having issues. Maybe they can help.

  • A few days ago you were able to scam the system by making a bunch of fake accounts then consolidating. It looks like now the only way to get the 5$ is by adding a physical card to a new account. I guess nothing is stopping you from going to Starbucks and grabbing a handful of the cards.