Waze Downloads Increase by 40% After Plug from Apple CEO Tim Cook


When Apple CEO issued an apology letter to customers over concerns with Apple Maps, he also plugged alternative map apps, such as Waze. Thanks to this strong recommendation, Waze CEO Noam Bardin noted in an interview with the WSJ their downloads have increased 40% in a single day compared to normal:

Did you guys get a nice bump from Tim Cook’s comments?

Noam Bardin: We saw about a 20% bump in downloads when iOS 6 came out. Today, it’s just out of control. We’re going to break every download record today. So far, we’re up up about 40% for a regular day.

Did Apple tell you that your app would be featured?

Noam Bardin: We had no idea. Nobody asked us anything, nobody reached out to us. It’s Apple, they’re not gonna tell anything to anyone. But it’s great, not just the apologizing, but they created a category and featured this category. Launching a maps app in a half-baked way, that was a questionable decision. But making up for that so fast and making a category, it’s great.

Waze is a map start up that has exploded in popularity, as it now sits at over 26 million users (they hit 20 million in July). The service is unique as it relies on crowdsourcing to deliver real-time data to customers, such as traffic jams, accidents, gas prices and more.

Not only that, Waze determines the fastest turn-by-turn voice navigation thanks in large part to the accurate data being fed by its users. The company is already in talks with major automakers to bring Waze integration into GPS systems. Are you a current Waze user?

Click here to download Waze–it’s free.


  • Bagobones

    I have been using Waze for a long time as it is a great FREE turn by turn app with traffic data. The maps arn’t always as good as Google or Microsoft but they are good, and in some places more up to date.

  • wuju

    I wish it is integrated to the address book so we can search for the places we want to go in the navigation from my address book too. If already so, where and how?

  • The amazing part about waze is if you find a map that is wrong, report it and someone will fix it or you can go online and fix it 🙂 I do it all day! Love that app. Until ios6 there was no traffic in Halifax without waze (and since, it’s still better)

  • Andres

    The big drawback is that waze only works online, if you don’t have a connection is useless.

  • Jonathan

    I’ve been using Waze for over a year in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area and i’m loving it. It’s easy, it gives you turn-by-turn directions with street names and catches traffic-y areas, thanks largely to other users. Wouldn’t want to use anything else now – unless Maps comes out with something silimar with a sexier voice.

  • srdunn

    It does! Just go to “navigate” type in the name and when it starts to bring up results scroll the bar at the bottom to the “contacts” portion. You can also search google yelp 4square there as well!

  • Patrick Wong

    Waze already has one mistake that Apple map never had on my regular route home from Barrie Ontario on 400 Hwy. Just download it, like a lot minus the one big mistake.

  • MAB

    Waze does not seem to be available on the Canadian App store.

  • But I heard it eats your data like crazy. I downloaded it but deleted it. I only have 500MB data plan.

  • You ever try Onavo to save on your data plan?

  • Prailor

    great app, been using it for a little while now and have recommended it to friends, though for longer trip make sure you have a car charger

  • Crystal

    I just downloaded it, already seems easier to use than the google one actually, and looks like when you look up businesses or a group of in a category, it will tell you if they are having a special…is that what the save coupons part is for?