Weather Line Gets iOS 10 Update, 3D Touch, New Location Database


Weather Line has been one of my favourite apps for checking out the weather, as its visual layout makes reading and processing upcoming conditions much easier. While the app does favour U.S. users a bit more, it does also work in Canada but its location database definitely was lacking, as major cities such as Victoria wasn’t even supported.

But that changes today, as a major iOS 10 update has arrived for Weather Line. There’s a new widget, 3D Touch support, plus swiping anywhere to switch cities. The app now uses San Francisco font making it easier to read, while there’s now a UV index and automatic mph/kph detection.

IMG 2047

But the biggest change is the addition of a new location database. Victoria is now supported, which makes the app even better to use (plus it got an optimization speed bump).

IMG 2048

I don’t rely on just one weather app though, as it would nice for Weather Line to integrate Environment Canada weather alerts like Metéo or The Weather Network. But what makes Weather Line so great is its nice visual layout that remains clutter-free, which is why I love using this app.

Click here to download Weather Line in the App Store—It’s $3.99 CAD.


  • Gord Smith ?

    My favorite weather app is Storm and it’s free. Run by Intellicast.

  • Yearoftherat

    @Gary Ng. A good review but like you said the issue with a lot of theses apps is that they don’t get their data from Environment Canada. Weather Network is free, full of ads. The yearly subscriptions (which i hate) @ 3.99/year is not worth it as its still bloated
    The two goto weather apps for me are Meteo and BeWeather2. Beweather2 is packed with info, gets its data from EC and is customizable. Pay once and its yours. It was recently updated and now works with IOS 10.2.
    Meteo I like b/c it was developed by the same guys that made “Degrees”, it’s free, clutter free and not full of ads, and the developer only asked for a voluntary patronage.

  • ddkkpp

    I love weather underground. If wearherline ever goes on sale I’ll give it a try.

  • einsteinbqat

    I like AccuWeather. And you also get Environment Canada weather warnings, too. Quite happy with the app. I loathe the Weather Network app, and that is an understatement!