The Weather Network for iOS Updated with Redesign, Option to Remove Ads


The Weather Network has released a brand new redesign for version 4.0 of their iOS app. The company teased a new design was coming within the app a couple weeks ago and now it’s here.

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What’s new in this version is a new design of the forecast screen, which offers continuous scroll of weather, news and more, powered by ads. However, there is a new Go Premium annual subscription, which will provide users the option to remove ads and get access to the last 24 hours forecast, which shows more weather details.

You’ll now also get animated and dynamic weather backgrounds to show the current weather for your location, plus maps is now called weather radar.

The full changelog is below:

What’s New in Version 4.0.0
– The brand new design of the forecast screens gives you a continuous scroll for full weather details, news, video, weather radar maps and personalized notifications
– Go Premium with a new in-app purchase option! A one year subscription includes the removal of ads and access to the Last 24 Hours which shows you, by hour: actual temperature, humidity, feels like temperature and wind information for the previous 24 hours
– Animated and dynamic weather backgrounds reflect the current weather conditions of that location
– Access in-depth weather details by tapping the ‘details’ icon in the top right corner
– Renamed maps to weather radar, but the same great content is still available in the dashboard

Click here to download The Weather Network for iOS in the App Store.

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  • Quattro

    Or you could just use the free AccuWeather app which provides a tonne of information without ads, and is accurate ALL of the time…
    … except when it’s not.

  • mxmgodin

    The free AccuWeather app has ads (There’s a $5.49 in-app purchase to remove them, or the Platinum app which is ad-free, for the same price).

  • Chris

    Still rocking the old weather eye app from many moons ago, was never a fan of their update to the “new” weather network app.

  • Bob Zmuda

    Lol… pay money for weather. That’s a good one.

  • Ian

    I agree, pay an annual subscription to get weather data…. and have to scroll through a bunch of news, videos, etc… That’s surely a stupid business model. I will DELETE that app before paying for that shit.

  • Quattro

    My bad… I couldn’t recall if I paid for it, so I checked the iTunes website and it said “free” and I didn’t come across any notice on there about in-app purchases. Mind you, I couldn’t come across my glasses if there were around my neck (which happened last Saturday, but that’s just between you and me).

  • Quattro

    I think you have to pay extra if you want it to be accurate.

  • CK Dhi

    This app is complete ggarbage with huge ads as you scroll down to look at the weather. Ad displayed is much bigger than the weather. Top this off with trending now videos that start with long ads. This entire app is adware and the older and more useful version was scrapped for good. This actually makes the native weather app on iPhone more appealing and I’ll be deleting this app altogether. Possibly the worst app redesign of 2016? So let me guess you want me to pay $3.99 a year to get rid of these annoying ads? how about I delete your app altogether that will get rid of the oversized ads too!

  • CK Dhi

    If you want to get rid of all those annoying a than download add called “Adshaker” free on iPhone

  • Ashley Mann

    I’ve used MyRadar for a long time. Love it.

  • Tim

    If I ever get another iOS device, I’ll be sure to find Ontario adshaker. thanks

  • CK Dhi

    It doesn’t have too be Ontario it could be BC too 🙂

  • Tim


  • Den

    Rather interesting redesign! Seems to be accurate weather reminders and notifications