The Weather Network for iPhone Redesigned, Adds New iOS 8 Widget [u]


The Weather Network for iPhone has been updated today with a brand new redesign, adding support for iOS 8, which includes the option to add a weather widget.

Also new are push notifications for public safety alerts, plus detailed precipitation start and stop times. Design-wise, we see new animated icons and weather-triggered backgrounds, plus the company says more news and video are offered compared to before.

IMG 2511 IMG 2512

Unfortunately, this update does not bring optimization for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, a massive oversight in our opinion (UPDATE: The Weather Network confirmed with us via email iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support is in the works):

What’s New in Version 3.1.40
• Brand new sleek design, made specifically for iOS 8
• Precipitation start and stop times, forecasted within a 10 minute period
• Push notifications for public safety alerts (weather alerts coming soon!)
• iOS 8 widget

The company tells us The Weather Network is Canada’s most popular weather app with over 4.5 million downloads to date. Ken Headrick, SVP, Content, Product & Corporate Marketing, Pelmorex Media Inc., said in a statement “The Weather Network team is dedicated to bringing users the most robust mobile experience possible and with the re-design of our iPhone app, we’ve delivered on this with no exception.”

There’s a new ‘Follow Me’ feature which will automatically detect the forecast at your location within 1 kilometre, so you’ll get severe weather and storm alerts when it’s imminent. Satellite and radar maps are now included with past, present and future views.

Click here to download The Weather Network for iOS—it’s free (but powered by an ad banner along the bottom).


  • Jesse

    They didn’t optimize it for the 6/6+? Wow… haha

  • Adam

    Do they still pop up a full page ad every couple clicks?

  • I just contacted the Weather Network via Twitter and they confirmed that an iPhone 6/6+ update is in the works. I also requested that they have a paid app (or in app purchase) that is ad-free.

  • Nice. We similarly reached out to their PR company and will most likely hear the same thing. An in-app purchase to remove ads sounds like a great idea.

  • Al

    The previous version provided the most common information at a single glance (no tapping). It’s what set it apart from all other weather apps. You just opened it up, saw everything you needed to see, and closed it.

    This new version sacrifices that in favour of displaying tons of stuff that the average person rarely cares about, while forcing “taps” to see what you typically want to see at a glance.

    I’m quite disappointed by the presumption they made that people want to scroll and tap around a weather app every time they check the weather.

  • Wall Man


  • mxmgodin

    Personally, I hated the loss of space in the old app that was cause by the huge black bezel. You had more information, but all crammed in a smaller area.

    I prefer the cleaner look of the new app, even if I need a tap or two more to get the info I want. And 90+ % or the time, the only info I want is “what’s the weather right now”.

  • Al

    “what’s the weather right now” ?!?
    Everybody’s different I suppose.
    Personally, I want to know what the weather is going to be doing for the day so I can plan accordingly. That includes seeing projected temps, and how much precipitation is expected – which you got with the old version at a glance.

    I agree about the previous version not being formatted for newer phones. I would have preferred just a correction in that regard, plus maybe a separate tap to get all the other less used stuff.