WhatsApp Gets iOS 7 Design, New Broadcast Lists, and More


Earlier this month we shared images of what popular cross-platform chat app WhatsApp would look like in its new iOS 7 user interface. The update has just been released and those images have turned out to be true. Along with the new interface, there’s a new updated icon as well. It’s not a groundbreaking change by any means, but rather bringing the old version up to date with iOS 7.

New features include broadcast lists, which will let you send out messages to mass numbers of people, better location sharing, larger thumbnails, new alert sound options for messages, text sizes use iOS 7 system settings and a better way to manage blocked contacts.

Whatsapp ios7 icon

What’s New in Version 2.11.5

– new iOS 7 User Interface

– broadcast lists: communicate with your classmates, work colleagues or just friends by messaging many people at once.

– improved share location: 3D map view, hide places, search places

– large thumbs: see more

– new notification alerts and sounds: WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > New Message.

– application will now use your device text size as configured in iOS Settings > General > Text Size

– new improved User Interface for managing your blocked contacts: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked

– crop image before sending

Photo 1 3 Photo 4 9

Photo 2 2

WhatsApp announced last month it had over 350 million monthly active users worldwide.

Click here to download WhatsApp for iOS 7. It’s free for a year but after that, the service will cost you $1 per year.


  • WatDah

    FINALLY!!! =D

  • iFone

    Far better than iMessage, since you can send multiple images at a time, manage group chats much better and it’s cross platform!

  • einsteinbqat

    Yes, finally. But I think that they could have updated the logo.

  • I like the new logo change, it’s slightly different but retains the original design.

  • Erik Kappel

    Am I the only one who can’t see the app in the App Store? The link takes me to a blank listing, and a search does not turn up the official app. I remember looking for it a few weeks ago with the same results :/

  • crosseyed_mofo

    still no ipad compatibility

  • Mike Schmidt

    No Ipad I contacted they said not at this time. But the update I agree with is better than iMessage, I really like this new layout and look

  • Hmm that is strange. The link above works for us…the listing still shows old screenshots though.

  • Erik Kappel

    I’ve figured it out thanks to Mike’s comment. I use my iPad mini almost exclusively nowadays. I gladly download iPhone apps to use on it, but in this case the app seems to be blocked from downloading onto the iPad. I looked it up on my iPhone and sure enough, it was viewable there. Does Whatsapp not work over wifi or something? Why would they block it from being used on iPad?

  • It requires a number to be attached to the app, which the iPad doesn’t have.

  • Erik Kappel

    Ahh that explains it. Thanks for the info. Between iMessage, Fongo, Skype and Hangouts, I’ll be alright without it. Shame though, it is very popular and I like that it’s multiplatform.