WhatsApp Processed New Record 27 Billion Messages in One Day


Cross-platform messaging applications WhatsApp has announced it has hit a new record of processing 27 billion messages in 24 hours: 10 billion messages sent and 17 billion messages received.

The reason for the disparities between sent and received messages is because of messages sent and received within group chats. Back in April, WhatsApp revealed it was sending 20 billion messages per day and CEO Jan Koum revealed onstage at D: Dive into Mobile the company has a larger user base than Twitter.

The company is growing so rapidly it has frequently been rumoured to be in talks to be acquired by Google and Facebook, but so far the company appears content to stay independent. WhatsApp is $0.99 in the App Store but will eventually move to a model where new users will pay an annual $1 subscription to use the service.

How often are you still using WhatsApp? It’s still the best way to communicate with friends not using iMessage or other smartphone platforms.

[via TNW]


  • pegger1

    I only have it because I got it for free during a promotion. I very rarely use it. Even if I did use it, I would never pay a yearly subscription to use it. As cheap as the fee would be, there’s way too many free options.

  • Al

    I have a service package add-on that includes unlimited texts. I figured such packages were pretty common, so why bother with something that requires other people to have the app? I use WhatsApp a couple of times a month for international texting. Also, out of several hundred people in my Contacts, only 9 have WhatsApp.

  • WatDah

    I’m just the opposite. Only a few people on my contacts doesn’t have WhatsApp. I use it everyday for local and international texting and sending pictures/videos. Especially group chats between friends and coworkers with different devices.

  • Jason

    I did use it a lot to stay in touch with our teammates and friends of the team during the season. But as soon as our season was over i removed it. its Data heavy.