WhatsApp Surpasses 1 Billion Messages Sent in a Single Day


WhatsApp, one of my favourite cross-platform messaging apps for the iPhone has achieved a significant milestone–over 1 billion messages sent in ONE day.

Just how much is 1 billion messages? That is 41,666,667 messages an hour, 694,444 messages a minute, and 11,574 messages a second.

That is a significant milestone, and is not hard to believe considering the ease of use of WhatsApp and its availability for multiple smartphone platforms.

WhatsApp was one of the first ‘free’ messaging apps for iOS that included the ability to send video, voice memos, pictures, share location, and more. Earlier this year in February, group chat was introduced. In the past, worked with WhatsApp to help fix a bug where the app was inoperable over 3G on Rogers/Fido.

Even with the launch of iMessage in iOS 5, WhatsApp is still one of the few ways people can communicate with friends on a Blackberry, Android, or Nokia smartphone. For my contacts that haven’t updated to iOS 5 yet, WhatsApp remains the ‘free’ method for us to communicate.

Are you still using WhatsApp alongside iMessage?


  • JC

    whatsapp is very useful, they should add delivery and read receipt and it will beat any other messaging app.

  • Anonymous

    It’s there already … One check mark means delivered and the second means read.

  • Anonymous

    I ditched Whatcrapp for Kik. It’s faster. Supports custom avatars. Read receipts. Supports Android and BB.

    Did I mention that’s it’s WAY FASTER.

    iMessage is a little underwhelming if you ask me. Hope they add more “fun factor” in the future.

  • Johna

    my understanding was that one check mark meant it was sent and the second was that it was delivered. I don’t think they have read receipts

  • Rob_b_10

    Johna is right.. one checkmark means that it was sent from your device successfully and the 2 checkmarks mean that it was rec’d from the other device successfully, but not necessarily read.  But who cares anyways if the other person has read it yet? The important thing is that they rec’d it. 

  • Gabby

    When will whatsapp introduce a third tick as read receipt like live profile…this could finally solve everyones question that’s been on the internet for some time now…cannot believe that the developers still havent fixed this functionality as this question is so repetitive everywhere…WE APPEAL TO YOU TO PUT A FIX IN TO SOLVE THE READ RECEIPT ISSUE PLEASE WHATSAP DEVELOPERS??