Apple Releases WWDC iOS App, Includes Access to Session Videos


Apple has released its WWDC iOS app one week prior to the conference start. The app allows developers attending and those not attending the conference to keep up as session videos are “just a tap away” for all registered developers.

Here’s what the app can do:

  • Browse times, locations, and descriptions for sessions, labs, and special events
  • Mark schedule items as favourites with a simple double-tap
  • Watch session videos, available daily
  • Start watching on one iOS device, and pick up where you left off on another
  • Keep up with the latest news, get important notifications, and see daily snapshots
  • View maps to find your way around Moscone West
  • Provide feedback on session content and speakers within the session details view
  • Add your attendee information to Passbook for speedier on-site registration

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Click here to download the WWDC iOS app–it’s free.


  • Christopher Jones

    Could this offer us a bit of a peek of how the new version of iOS might be organized? There’s a couple new things that Apple is doing in the app, such as the colour coded corner of each event, that leads me to think we’ll be seeing this in the revamped Calendar app.

  • FragilityG4

    Are they going to stream the event this year?