YouTube for iOS Launches ‘Dark Theme’, Now Live in Canada


YouTube has announced today its iOS and Android apps are finally getting access to a ‘Dark Theme’, which has been available on its desktop version of the site (but hard to find).

According to YouTube, the request for a dark theme was one of the “top requested features on mobile.” (via Engadget)

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The new Dark Theme for YouTube on iOS is rolling out today and we can confirm it’s live in Canada. If you’re not seeing it, force quit your YouTube app, then relaunch it. You should then see a notification at the bottom detailing “New! Dark theme”, and letting you toggle it on right away.

Check out our screenshots below:

IMG 2245 IMG 2246

To toggle on/off the new Dark Theme, just tap your profile icon, go to Settings and then you’ll see the toggle setting to turn it on or off.

For those who like to watch YouTube in bed at night, this Dark theme will help keep brightness to a minimum, especially if you have a partner who is sensitive to light at night.

Click here to download YouTube for iOS in the App Store.


  • Dario Sycco

    Not really news. It’s been available in Canada at least for few weeks already. I actually prefer the darker theme.

  • Today is the official announcement of the feature. I use YouTube for iOS everyday, and today was the first time I’ve seen the feature in Canada.

  • Olley

    got that notification on Sunday and had it on for about 2 hours, but when I force quitted the app and it reverted back to the white layout 🙁 I was trying to get it back to the dark theme but nothing worked and the toggle was gone. glad now it’s an official feature!

  • bitflydesign

    I thought this dark theme would be great as on OLED screens such as the iPhone X the battery usage would go down as black pixels aren’t actually on. Sadly it seems that YouTube used a dark grey and not black so the pixels are still on. Sigh

  • LoganPaulSUCKS

    YouTube app is trash! Too many goddamn commercials. I watch long videos in Safari YouTube site to avoid commercials.

  • So Young

    same here, first time I saw this mode in the options is today