Zynga in Talks to Acquire Draw Something and OMGPOP


With the sudden success of OMGPOP’s viral social gaming hit, Draw Something, the makers are now in the cross hairs of Zynga:

Zynga is in talks to acquire OMGPOP, the maker of massive hit Draw Something, according to a source with direct knowledge of the discussions. Talks are still in an earlier stage and it’s my understanding that there may be other Japanese buyers that are still pursuing the company.

It was just a week ago the app surpassed 20 million downloads, but even more recently it surged past 30 million. TechCrunch reports the price for such a deal to happen would be estimated at $150-250 million, based on the $17 million OMGPOP has raised in funding to date.

If the deal doesn’t go through, Zynga would probably create a clone of the game just like it did with ‘Dream Heights’, seen by many as a copy of Tiny Tower. It was just last year Zynga acquired Toronto-based Five Mobile to setup their Canadian headquarters.

What do you think? Should OMGPOP stay the course or give in to Zynga?


  • Wow. If I was OMGPOP, I’d be selling. Set for life and free to start  new company.

  • Darryl Williams

    For $150 million I’d sell right away.  Not just because in all likely hood I’d never see that amount of money, but the figures just make sense.  

  • Money talks!

  • WatchTheThrone

    I’d sell so hard motha fuckas wanna fine me

  • Vikram Kalsi

     That sh*t cray…

  • Ball so hard