Apple Buys Web Mapping Company “Poly9”


Reports this week reveal that Apple has acquired a Web Mapping company named Poly9. The company is a Canadian firm based out of Quebec City.

While Poly9 as a brand may not be widely known, their work includes programming interfaces (API’s) for many large clients such Microsoft, Apple, and MSNBC. The company has also had a part in Google Earth/Maps and MapQuest.

Neither Apple or Poly9 would comment on the acquisition however reports indicate that the majority of Poly9 employees have been relocated to Cupertino, California to join Apple’s team more closely. It is unclear if the company will remain active in Canada as their website has been taken down.

Apple seems to be focusing on online mapping, as a year ago Apple acquired another mapping company called “Placebase”. We have also seen job positions opening at Apple that are related to the iPhone Maps application.

Many have speculated that Apple may be looking into creating its own Map application instead of using Google Maps.

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  • Mr. Mac

    They're also going to do their own turn by turn GPS with all the bells and whistles and that uses less battery.
    While Tom Tom and Navigon both get you where you want to go, they ported over their interfaces rather than writing a good interface using the beauty and grace of the iPhone. They feel like I'm playing a C64 or Atari game on a device capable of way better graphics and smooth functionality. I think they'll combine it with a better GPS with the iPhone 5. The current GPS apps kind of like what cell phones were like until the iPhone came along. Someone still needs to get it right.

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