Apple Launches $0.99 FaceTime HD App For Mac


Today, Apple launched their FaceTime for Mac App on the Mac App Store for $0.99.

The app allows users to talk with friends and family on their iPhone 4, iPod touch, and now Mac.

Getting started is quick and easy — simply enter your Apple ID and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re talking to someone on an iPhone or on another Mac, video calls with FaceTime look great. There’s no better way to stay in touch with all your favorite faces.

Previous to the release today, the app was in public beta, but with the launch of the new MacBook Pros, Apple has also launched version 1.0 of FaceTime HD.

Check it out in the Mac App Store!


  • Anonymous

    And how am I supposed to make HD Facetime calls with the crappy 1.3 mega pixel camera in my MacBook Pro? Mac doesn’t support the HD webcam I bought from Logitech that works perfectly with Skype on my PC. I’m not buying another web cam because Apple won’t support existing hardware, and I’m certainly not paying even 99 cents for an app that will get it’s ass kicked by Skype for free. Nice try Apple.

  • Ned

    One word – iChat. Remember that? Hmmm, it was free… I know, not for phones, but still…

  • David

    HD is 1280×720, which is more or less 0.9 megapixels. Your iSight is of higher resolutions than those HD facetime cams.

  • David

    Why are you guys calling it Facetime HD ? Nowhere does Apple use that name…

  • David

    Actually, I screwed that up. The video resolution on the iSights is 640×480, which is about 0.3MP. Which is much worse than the new cams. But your iSight would probably take better *still* pictures (1.3MP vs 0.9).

  • Joshmuench

    How do i facetime from my iphone to my mac when i’m suppose to log in with the same apple id both units are associated with?

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Damn right. It’s like apple totally forget about it or something. They should enhance it to be compatible with FaceTime at least instead of trying to sell this garbage. Lol.

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Haven’t tried this new one but it works in the beta you can call urself, I’ve done it

  • FaceTime on the iPhone works with with the phone number… On an iPod, it uses the email address…

  • What about the beta, i have it on my mac and it works. sure its 0.9, are there more features? its free, why pay the 99 cents for the same functionality, unless like i said it has more features.

  • Huh? FaceTime HD was introduced today. It’s everywhere.