Apple Releases iTunes 10


Today at the annual Apple music event, Apple released the latest iTunes 10. The new iTunes should be available later today on a PC/Mac via Apple Software Update or from Apple’s website.

All New iTunes 10

The new iTunes 10 update brings a new iTunes application icon, a few interface enhancements, and a new social media initiative called “Ping”.

The biggest change was the new iTunes Ping social media network which is open to 160 million iTunes users instantly. Ping is a social network for music, like FaceBook and Twitter, where users can follow and be followed and music recommendations can be passed around.

Users can also upload videos and photos all from within iTunes and Ping is further accessible on iPhone and iPod touch.

As usual, if you’re jailbroken or plan to jailbreak, it is best to avoid the iTunes 10 update until further notice.


  • Mb86

    iTunes 10 is mentioned all over Apple’s website, but is still marked as “Coming soon” on the download page and is currently unavailable.

  • I think people jumped the gun on this one. Everyone wants to be first to post lol
    OR! they DID release it, and pulled it back. They did that with a iOS4 Beta once.

  • Anonymous

    No 64bit version yet =(
    32bit version doesn’t like my pc

  • showing up for you? still coming up as 9.2 for me -_-‘

  • Downloaded and installed iTunes 10 this evening on one of our test machines – no ill effects, yet.

    Minor interface tweaks will take a bit of getting used to. Seems to be a bit faster, though (although that’s somewhat subjective).

  • Error! under my iphone tap. Clicking on Apps to manage my iphone apps causes Itunes to crash. reproduced 4 times, Reinstalled, Restarted… sigh.. lol

    MacBook Pro (late 2009) Snow leopard 10.6.4

  • Anonymous

    I just went to the Apple iTunes website and found the 32bit version easily…

    The 64bit version requires some digging but further down that page is the link:

  • Flaxx

    MuscleNerd (from the DevTeam) as said the following on twitter:
    “iTunes 10 is safe for JBers+unlockers: DFU mode, syncing, selecting IPSW, all okay (Stay away from 4.1 next week though!)”