Apple To Double iTunes Preview Lengths To 60-Seconds?


A new report this week indicates that Apple may double the length of iTunes music and video previews to 60-seconds from the current 30-second samples.

The announcement is expected at Apple’s September 1st music event being held this week at 10AM PST at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The iTunes preview expansion is reportedly part of an iTunes Discovery initiative where doubling video/music sample lengths is one component. Doubling preview lengths may also satisfy user complaints that 30-seconds is not long enough to sample longer pieces of music and/or video.

Doubling iTunes content length aside, the September 1st music event is still expected to deliver a new $99 AppleTV, $0.99 TV show rentals, a new iPod nano and new iPod touch models featuring both a front and back camera that will be FaceTime compatible with iPhone 4.



  • Anonymous

    60 secs is pretty cool. But I always find that if I wanted to hear a song in its entirety, there are many options available including the new Vevo app… Watch nearly all the popular videos for free anytime you want right on your phone. Of course there is always YouTube, lol

    But that is good Apple is making the preview lengths longer than 30 secs.

  • 60 seconds is awesome. i normally use Itunes to Sample music before i go to other places to… Buy them?
    As Draz said. Youtube is Awesome for quickly listening to that song you forgot about from years back. or current music on the fly. Some really good Internet Radio apps which you can pick which song you listen too ^_~.

  • Soyuz : )

    That definitely is a welcome move. Sometimes in a preview, the selected length are just intro and it will stop on that. Nothing to listen at! Maybe a minute is enough but they better select the good portion of the song and video…

  • This would be sweet. That 60 second preview is almost 1/3 of most songs nowadays.

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