Check Out This iOS 6 Lockscreen Concept [PICS]


When iOS 6 was launched, Scott Forstall said it came with more than 200 new features. But the Lockscreen remained unchanged. Well, almost. But despite Apple’s efforts to make iOS 6 more attractive, there are still plenty of unexplored areas. Here are some great new concepts for how Apple might rethink the lockscreen to make it more functional.

While some apps, such as Nike’s Running app, have had the guts to redesign the lockscreen within the app, the move shows just how much developers are interested in having access to the device’s lockscreen.

Fortunately, the iOS community is not lacking in great ideas for ways to restructure the iPhone’s lockscreen, and The Verge’s Brentcas has described a few in his post. He proposes two new ways to redesign the lockscreen and add more functionality: by adding lockscreen cards, and by opening up the Grabber.

iOS 6 lockscreen

As you can see from the above image, with cards a whole new world of notifications opens, and users can obtain the information they are interested in within a blink of an eye. Obviously, we are talking about customizable cards.

The second option would be the enhanced and opened up grabber. While granting quick access to the iPhone’s camera app was a great new feature, this could be just the beginning, if only Apple would allow developers to customize it. Imagine if you could open any app you want . . .

iOS 6 lockscreen

iOS 6 lockscreen

One thing is certain: The possibilities are endless and there are some great ideas out there. However, while we’re waiting for Apple to enhance the overall iOS 6 experience, the jailbreak community has several answers . . .


  • The way the instant access “grabber” works, it’s something anyone can access without a passcode. The camera app works for this only because Apple created a way for the camera to operate that didn’t give access to any personal information or images. This wouldn’t work with apps like Facebook, nor is it needed in my opinion. Taking photos is something that sometimes needs to happen instantly, or you can miss a moment. Taking a few extra seconds to post a Facebook status update? Not as crucial.

  • James

    totally agreed..

  • Dmvfxflw

    Next IOS for ipad needs multi user login !

  • Apple_love

    I would like to be able to access the notification Center from the lock screen.

  • 100% Agree

  • You can already choose to have notifications show on the lock screen.

  • muhfucka

    were talking here about weather or stocks or to-do list perhaps

  • Okay, well then those would technically be widgets, not notifications. The original commenter’s wording of “the notification center” made me think that he was talking about the notification center. Sorry for the confusion.