Cloud-based iTunes & Wireless Sync Coming Soon?


Reports today point to Apple finally preparing to launch a cloud-based iTunes service which will include wireless syncing for all iDevices.

BGR is reporting that an Apple source claims that iTunes will be getting cloud capability that will allow iTunes to stream music and movies from Apple’s servers to your Mac, PC or iDevice.

The service is also reported to stream content from your home PC or Mac to other computers or iDevices and also will include wireless iTunes syncing.

The wireless sync claim indicates that any Apple device with a WiFi connection (no mention of 3G) will be able to stream purchased content. This is similar to how Apple’s MobileMe service works today through syncing Mail, Calendars, Notes, and Contacts. We have also seem similar strides in the new iBooks app.

The Apple source further claims that the iTunes cloud service will debut this September 2010 when Apple hosts their annual iPod event. Rumors also point to two new devices with cameras, such as an iPod touch with camera capabilities.



  • Vartanarsen

    i want to see a 360 GB iPod Classic.

  • this would be cool. hopefully they make MobileMe free at the same time, in hopes of getting more people onto the iTunes store and buying more music.

  • It could happen. People have been predicting this for years though and Apple still hasn't quite flipped the switch. Poor Lala. 🙁

  • Xaroc

    I understand why Apple has not jumped on wireless sync yet, the security risks would be high in my mind. i mean have any of you read about the Google Cars just driving by and collecting most of our data. for those reasons i cant blame Apple for holding off so long.

    I am looking forward to it though. Providing this goes as far as rumours fly

  • Dave

    Can you not do wireless sync already on a jailbroken iphone?

  • Xaroc

    You can. But Using something that Apple produces themselves has that stamp of authenticity. you know its pretty secure. i personally will go for Apples Release of it over anyone else's if given the option.

  • Roo

    hmm.. i thought mobile me already did this.. bummer…

  • Dave

    Canada Day and still no offical iPhone 4 release date…disappointing.

  • It’s a tough topic this one.. I think security is very important for our homes and communities.