FaceTime for Mac Launches When Called


Today Apple announced FaceTime for Mac, which will allow users to make/receive video calls to FaceTime enabled iOS devices.

Here’s how to setup FaceTime for Mac:

1. Download FaceTime for Mac Beta
2. Install it, and login with your Apple ID or another email address.
3. Find a friend’s number, and call them. Done!

I tested out FaceTime for Mac with Justin Luey from The iPhone Podcast, and it worked great. Video quality was excellent and audio was really good. I can see this being very popular for the holidays.

Justin discovered something “new”. Call it an “Apple ah-ha!” moment, but FaceTime for Mac will automatically launch when you’re being called–even when the app is closed. Before we used FaceTime for Mac we kept on confirming with each other if we had the app open or not. Now you don’t need to worry about it because it will auto launch!

To turn this off, you can do so via the Preferences menu within FaceTime for Mac. Now, you no longer have to worry about receiving a call and having to open FaceTime to receive it. It’s automatic!

How has your FaceTime for Mac experience been?


  • Anonymous

    Can’t this be for pc or just restricted to macs

  • Anonymous

    Totally awesome! It’s like Skype only better!

  • Nick Macdonald

    Have you tried iphone 4 to mac and changing from one camera to the other on the iphone 4? When I do that it totally freezes the mac facetime, and my whole mac.

  • PC probably coming soon–hopefully.

  • The fact that FaceTime opens automatically when called is what really makes this shine… it would be a total dealbreaker if it didn’t. Thumbs up, Apple.
    Apple really needs to push FaceTime to other platforms now… PCs and other smartphones. I also suspect the application and process to be reverse-engineered… which would really help expand it to other OS and applications.

  • Jbohn

    I can’t call myself from Mac to iPhone, it says I am “busy”. I even tried using a different email address for each but no luck. I can call from iPhone to Mac though.

  • Richard l.

    With the app starting even closed, doesn’t it means that something is constantly calling home to Apple in the background so you can answer? Remember to put a tape in front of your webcam!

  • I’m sure it works like the iPhone app, and its a some kind of push notification. The camera is off according to the light.

  • I did try that, and didn’t have a problem.

  • Anonymous

    I’m at work and can’t seem to get the program to login with my Apple ID. I had the same problem with FaceTime on the iPhone until I found a guide from Apple on what ports and such to open on a corporate network. Now FaceTime works fine on our iPhone 4’s but so far the Mac based beta isn’t connecting. I’ve tried both a wired and wireless connection. Time to fill out the feedback form.

  • Working smooth 🙂 Great app

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I got it working to the point where I can sign in. I still can’t connect a call to either my iPhone or a friend’s iPhone in either direction. It might be my corporate network. My real question is.. How do I add a contact to FaceTime on my Mac? So far it’s got Apple Canada and my own account listed. I can’t find a way to add anyone else. Does it just start adding them as calls come in? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Go to the Address Book on your Mac.

  • Bee888

    Is it just me, or is FaceTime never as clear (on the mac or iphone 4) as it is in the commercials?

    My calls are always really grainy…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. It’s empty but at least I can add people now. 🙂

  • bringer666

    For now, you can use Yahoo Messenger for the PC. I was able to do a couple of video calls to my wife on my last business trip. It worked great!

  • Ray

    Yahoo to iphone? I heard its pretty bad! but I haven’t tried myself yet.

  • Anonymous

    So far, pretty sweet I must say. Hopefully they integrate FaceTime into iChat when Lion is released. You know what would be even cooler? An AppleTV compatible camera and FaceTime for AppleTV!

  • bringer666

    I can’t compare it to Facetime since we only have 1 iPhone4 and I haven’t tried it. Messenger wasn’t perfect and there was some lag but it could have been the hotel wifi. I found it fine and my wife loved talking to me and seeing me on the computer instead of just a phone call. At this point, it’s the only app that I know of that allows me to do a video call from my iPhone to my Windows laptop

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  • Dorothy Barkley

    Having read about FaceTime, I promptly went ot download it on my Macbook Air. My MBAair has Snow Leopard and all updates, so is current. I was promptly told I was missing Security Update 2010-005, so then went to Apple to download it. Did so, and it refused to be recognized by my laptop. Am I missing something? I thought Facetime was for all Mac hardware, not just my iPhone. I tried finding an answer to this on the Apple website, and finally gave up when it wanted me to pay for a consultation. Can someone explain why the Beta won’t work on my laptop? Thanks.

  • Rsalcedo7

    did you get an answer to this ? I have the same issue.

  • Sorawicha

    I have the same problem with you.