How to Watch Apple’s September Event Live Stream on Your PC


Today at 10AM PST, Apple will be live streaming their September Music Event. This is a change from the past where Apple had never streamed live events, and the world relied on live blogging to catch the latest announcements.

This time around, the live stream can be watch by all–but there are certain requirements:

  • A Mac running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) on 3.0 firmware or higher

So that leaves out a HUGE segment–PC users and Mac computers on older versions of OS X. So if you’re at work and don’t have your iPhone handy, and would like to watch the stream on your PC desktop or older Mac, here’s the workaround.

How to Watch Apple’s September Live Event Stream on Your PC (or PowerPC Mac)

First, test you device/computer by visiting this test HTTP sample stream from Apple:

1. Download VLC for Mac/Windows

2. Choose the menu option to “Open Source” and insert this URL to test:

3. If you can see that test stream, just replace it with today’s upcoming live event stream when it’s available.

What do you think will be announced tomorrow? iTV? iPod Touch with camera?

Let me know if this workaround is successful for you!



  • Lvarano

    “This is a change from the past where Apple had never streamed live events”

    Sorry to say, but Apple used to always broadcast their events up to five years ago even before the word”blog” existed. I used to watch them from work all the time.

  • I just used the test stream, and it worked fine. Thanks!

  • JD

    i notice in your screenshot you are on a mac… where is the “Open Source” option in VLC? i am using version 1.1.4 of VLC (it just updated this morning)

  • JD

    nevermind i figured it out.

    for PC users using the latest version of VLC goto “Media” > “Streaming” > “Network” (tab)
    then paste in the following link, not the one in the article:

    then click the little down arrow next to “Stream” and select “Play” (alt+p)

    works like a charm!

  • Ali_Sk

    we don’t have any “open source” on PC version! that tip was for mac users which are already able to stream and useless for PC users!!!!!

  • iVictoria

    Ali_Sk and JD – I have the same problem. I went to MacRumors to see what it says about the VLC stream today and I quote: “VLC will load all parts of the stream into its own playlist. It works fine for this pre-recorded stream as the entire playlist is already constructed. The catch for tomorrow’s live transmission is that VLC doesn’t know that more will be coming, so it looks like you’ll have to repeatedly reload the playlist manually to get the next few segments. It’s not an elegant solution, but with some persistence, it seems like it will work.” – Conclusion – don’t waste your time watching on your PC; watch on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch! The original post should have told us this.

  • Doesn’t Work

    What crap instructions, doesn’t work at all for PC. The screenshot is from a MAC, did they even test it in Windows?

  • Copy and paste fail

    Your url for instructions that you “took” from Macrumors is wrong, that’s why the instructions don’t work.

  • Marcus Moore

    The last time Apple did this was 2002.

  • Marcus Moore

    The last time Apple did this was 2002.

  • Carl W.

    Works here too. The Bipbop thing doesn’t work though.

  • Carl W.

    Go Media -> Open Network Stream

  • Fabio

    media —> open network stream

    Also, note that the url given above is incorrect (it’s an html file!). You have to edit the url to be the same as in the screenshot, then all works!

  • That was in reference to my short lived time with Apple, since 2007.

  • No.

  • Damien

    I just tested the stream on my iPhone and it works perfectley and I’m on lunch at 1pm, Nice!