iOS 4.1 Beta Now Available To Developers


This week, Apple has started to beta test the next software update, iOS 4.1, for iPhone and iPod touch.

A beta of iOS 4.1 (build # 8B5080c) is now available to developers. Alongside the beta iOS release, Apple has also pushed out the iOS SDK 4.1 Beta.

If this beta period goes anything like previous iPhone software betas, then we may see a new iOS beta update every two weeks, as is typical of the Apple iOS beta schedule.

iOS 4.1 is the update that Apple promised will be available to correct the number of signal bars being displayed on iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4. While this won’t fix the reception problems of the iPhone 4, it will correct the displaying signal strength.

The update also brought a visually updated Game Center, the Flash/Camera buttons reposition themselves in landscape (iPhone 4), the Favorites in the Phone app can now be added as Voice or Facetime (iPhone 4), and check Spelling can be turned Off in Settings. iOS 4.1 has also updated the iPhone 4 modem firmware to 02.07.01 from 01.59.00.

At this time, only registered developers’ iPhone and iPod touch devices will be able to install iOS 4.1. The iOS 4.1 update is expected to be publicly released in the next few weeks.


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  • Just to clarify, if I paid 5 bucks to be on someone's dev account for iOS4, can I put 4.1 on?

    I'll probably try anyway just because

  • Ex


  • Carl

    You should be asking yourself, why would I want to? This update won't be that exciting.

  • Because I can and personal preference. It's not about excitement.

  • wilyo

    Apple won't likely push out this update in the nest few weeks. It will probably be released at the fall iPod event. There will probably be a small update in the next few weeks just for the the signal issue ie. 4.0.1 and the update will likely be for all devices iPod Touch and iPhone thought I don't think Apple will do anything with the iPod Touch they just want to keep all devices on the same version.

  •  Xaroc

    weither this is true on not who knows. But i heard words floating around that 4.1 could be the Universal iOS for Iphone + Ipad. also Confirmation that 4.01 is still on the way.

  • rorypiper

    Yes, as long as whoever you paid $5 to hasn't taken your UDID off their account. There is nothing noticeably new, that you can use anyway, in this release. Up to you, though.

  • rorypiper

    I think there is still an iOS 4.0.1 coming. This beta, will probably have a few more betas, then release in the fall.

  • Diesel

    wait so it doesnt fix reception issue?

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  • mackman6151

    I hope it fixes the sluggishness of iOS4 on 3G devices. The performance difference between 3.1.2 and 4.0 on a 3G is absolutely rediculous! almost makes u think twice about that previous post about iphone4/iOS4 being apple's “vista” ( cough cough *memory hog*). I cant even run the ipod and play a game at the same time lol

  •  Xaroc

    I doubt it. in 6 months people wont even know what a 3G is. i think the new OS just so to much going on for the 3G to handle. I could be wrong, but that my thought anyway

  • LoWd0Wn

    I was talking to a guy at Apple Canada yesterday and he said that 4.0.1 will in fact help the sluggishness of the 3G. They have had a ton of complaints on it and they know it is really important to fix that, asap.
    He told me to try running less email addresses( like one only) , take off bluetooth when you don't need it , turn off all notifications and Push. That should help,
    It did mine – quite a bit.

  •  Xaroc

    If 4.01 will really help. I would laugh if 3G lost more features like
    folders to help it run better.