iOS 4 Complete Walkthrough


iOS 4 is scheduled to be released on Monday (June 21), so here is a comprehensive walkthrough of what Apple has in store for us. I thought I had been following the development pretty closely, but I learned about several new features from this great article by TiPb.

iOS 4 (previously iPhone OS 4 or iPhone 4.0) continues Apple’s relentless yearly mobile OS update cycle. If 2007 was the mainstreaming of the multitouch user interface, 2008 all about the App Store, and 2009 was filling in the feature list, then iOS 4 promises to be… well, that’s why we’re here.

via iOS 4 walkthrough | TiPb.


  • rorypiper

    This is a nice walkthrough. Very informative. I've been using the betas of iOS 4 for a while, and there was a couple of things on that list I didn't know.

  • Aloombox

    Wow! Great walk through! I can't wait to upgrade, I am assuming Monday means tomorrow?

  • Jverhoeve

    I think it missed the section where e-mails will now show the contact picture you have assigned to that person. Or has it been taken out?

  • Xaroc

    I have used All the Beta's since the first 1, and you guide showed me 1 thing i missed lol
    Great job ^_^

  • Yes. Monday June 21.

  • prop

    Is a Jailbreak already available for iOS4, or do we have to wait to download until a jailbreak is available?

  • Xaroc

    There is a non-official jailbreak available for older bootrom devices.
    The dev team promised one this month. So I would imagin a couple days
    after the ios4 release today we will see it come. Keep checking back
    to iphoneincanada for more details when they become avalible

  • rorypiper

    Exactly. I have my iPhone 3GS jailbroken on iOS4 GM, but it's not the official jailbreak for iOS4. Should come soon. I'm guessing after iPhone 4 is released, but maybe sooner.

  • Slammed Civic

    well its monday and update is still not availiable…??? come on apple first you screw us on iphone 4 and now new ios too?

  • Xaroc

    Patients…. It normally comes around 4pm PST-8. Check later this evening.