iOS Emulator Shown Running On A BlackBerry PlayBook [Video]


This is one of those stories that is really hard to believe. This YouTube user, by the name of “Bubble Wrap”, claims to have built an iOS emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The video is quite convincing, but it just looks too good to be true. This emulator is apparently only for apps and games. It does not run a version of iOS. You launch the emulator, apparently called “Brine”, and then choose the iOS games from there. Take a look at the video for your self.

Being able to run any firmware or software you want, on any device you want would definitely be ideal. That’s just not how it works. That is why these emulators are created. We’ve seen a few different video game console emulators running in iOS, but never has an iOS emulator been successfully created on other platforms.

There has been some question as to wether this is legit or not. The video is believable, but some are doubting that this is even possible. Check out the “Crackberry” forums, where there is a thread titled Real or Fake? iOS apps run on Playbook.

This developer has also been working on a Windows version of this emulator.

Presumably, you would have to somehow bypass Apple’s DRM to use the apps in this way. This would mean using cracked or pirated apps to use this emulator, which would make this undesirable. What are your thoughts on this emulator? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  • Bumreaper

    Someone bought a blackberry playbook?

  • swotam

    Unfortunately, this won’t fix the suck that is Playbook.

  • Nick

    Actually it might… If it can do anything the iPad can do, only cheaper – why not?

  • Probably had a coupon.

  • Sweet…I’m picking up a PlayBook and ditching this gorgeous retina display new iPad. 

  • Ranphon

    oh….in this way, blackberry will eventually “wake up”. Matching its previous ads….if it is true, then might its sale will increase once in a while. Be honest, the specification of playbook isn’t so bad. This will also match the idea of its name “playbook”….XD

  • sp

    lol oh Swotam, you are just mad because your “revolutionary” iPad isnt all that its cracked up to be…while a “POS” Playbook can do what yours can do…but even better..

    not to mention true multitasking….

    actually the screen is pretty damn sweet on it so yeah…

    haters gonna hate

  • Bbaleno

    Don’t need one, its cheaper an better.

  • Bbaleno

    obviously you are clueless. it is more functional than an i(diot)pad 

  • JMCD23

    Hardware wise, it really is great value. I am disappointed they didn’t offer true Android market support in the end. While you can root the device and get around this, it’s better if it’s official.