iTunes 11 is Finally Available


During the iPhone 5 event, Apple gave a sneak peek at iTunes 11, scheduled for public release a month ago. After facing a month’s delay, the eagerly awaited iTunes 11 is finally available for download.

iTunes 11

The new iTunes is probably the biggest revamp the application has ever received, with improved playlist creation, and new library views, which give your collection a smarter look.

iTunes 11

Also, Apple has increased the iCloud integration: now your purchased music, movies and TV shows will be available inside your library, no matter if you’ve downloaded them locally or not — a bit like iTunes match, working with purchased iTunes content.

The iTunes store has been redesigned, as well, and got a well-deserved visual refresh. When you choose album artwork, it will automatically expand and show you the track listing, and it also features a quick link to the iTunes Store where you can browse for related content.

iTunes 11 is available as a software update in the Mac App Store.


  • crosseyed_mofo

    will wifi synch finally work as advertised?

    dun dun duuuuuuuuun

  • Guest

    Not avail as update yett

  • crosseyed_mofo

    if your on windows, usually comes out after mac version

    if your on a mac, dunno what to say since i have updated

  • Software update worked like a charm 🙂

  • jabohn

    Hooray for the return of color sidebar icons!

  • Mr. Mac

    iTunes 11 doesn’t recognize my iPhone 5 or iPad 2 via wifi or cable. What’s up? Will try a reboot later.

  • Sdddd

    Dont say its available when windows version is not out yet!

  • Zeus
  • Zeus

    it IS available….do a quick search for iTunes 11 + windows and you’ll find it in the apple support section. Don’t say it’s not available if you haven’t searched.

  • anon

    iTunes 11 is now available as an upgrade from within iTunes 10.x. It wasn’t a few mins ago. Should prompt for an upgrade the next time you run it.

  • Olley

    Like it so far. gone is the lengthy playlists, store, Match, all that stuff on the left. Device sync seems faster.

  • nosnoop

    Two major omission in iTunes 11:
    The cover flow is gone.
    There is no album art preview in the left column when you select individual song – it can only show album art for the song which is playing – Argggh!