iTunes to merge with Safari?


An interesting article from our friends at 9to5Mac surmising that with the purchase of Lala coupled with Apple’s new North Carolina data centre facility, we could see our venerable iTunes replaced with Safari!?

Say it isn’t so!

Then I got to thinking: iTunes is basically a browser now, a front-end for your iTunes library safely stored on your hard drive. Integrating an iTunes-like interface onto Safari and getting rid of some of the bloat might be useful. Especially if iTunes become cloud-based, as the rumours that are flying fast and furious with the Lala purchase, seem to want you to believe. So an “iTunes” tab that always runs and super-easy access to the App store, iTunes store and more. Better yet, as long as you are running Safari you potentially could access your iTunes library from any browser, anywhere.

Then easy access to iTunes thru your iOS Safari. Suddenly your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch has full access to your digital library. Hmmm…

I still have lots of questions but it certainly has some merits. Something I will continue to think about.

More importantly, what do you think?



  • Jmstranger

    I’m not a fan of the idea of iTunes in the cloud. Just one more way for Apple to control our digital content and limit our access to it. I mean everyone has to go to the trouble of jailbreaking iPhones because Apple likes to keep tight controls on their products. I’d hate that attitude to invade my digital media content.

  • captjimmie

    Bloat, bloat, bloat. I’m afraid it would turn into a horrible mess. Almost as bad as an Adobe product!

  • Yeah I could see that too. Of course, the bloat is probably the biggest problem here. Especially the Windows version of iTunes is slooow. A matter of fact, so is QuickTime and Safari for Windows. Apple needs to address the performance issues of these.

  • SM

    Remember this is just a rumor. Also, the store portion of iTunes is coded in HTML from my understanding so according to my speculation (and it is just speculation) we’ll see the iTunes store move completely cloud-based. You purchase all your content using “iTunes Cloud.”

    But on the desktop you would still have a player and sync application to play your content and sync your iDevices. This gives you two options – 1) to give you full control to play your contet & sync your devices using your PC & 2) when you’re on the road and away from your pc, you can play / sync your content & devices using “iTunes Cloud.”

    That’s just my guess ( and of course my wish).

  • Anonymous

    You have a good point. The other side of the story is security. Pros and cons. I my humble opinion I would rather be sharing my information with apple and the company’s screened by them than with a million unregulated miscreants only fishing for my personal info in the guise of an app. Though I have to say the idea of anyone mining my personal info is disconcerting to say the least. It is unfortunate that these days if one has any kind of web presence, your personal info is on the line The question is how to regulate without infringing on ones right at the same time.

  • Donyou

    It amazes me that technology that was considered as science fiction only a few decades ago is now so cheaply available and simple to use by anyone that wishes to. We seem to be in a time of great advancement of usable technology, perhaps even greater than the 80’s when computer technology was developed to make Personal Computers available to anyone willing to pay the price and learn the way to make them useful.

  • I Know it’s just a rumor, but I could see this happening, or at least some closer integration but still keeping them separate apps

  • I agree, and remember Browsers in general are less secure. Not to say iTunes is secure, Apple tends to be behind the rest of the community when it comes to security.

  • I have 4 terabytes of hi-res music files – how will I get that into the cloud? I don’t buy any music at iTunes. There is something else to consider – what about the ability to update iPhones, stream music to external airplay speakers… I guess, it could be done with safari. I really want to have my music near me..

  • Cooper

    Cleaning up the terrible mess that iTunes has become – great idea. Putting it in the cloud, not such as great idea.

    Was in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, and charges for using the web (on WiFi, using local providers at PAYG hotspots) was typically $5/10 to 20 minutes, often with speed and data caps.

    “Always on, always available” is such a North American, I don’t travel, it works in big cities in the US point of view, it hurts…

  • Cjhermes

    Didn’t RIM just say everything would be browser based and apps would die?

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